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I fell to jeering in the coarsest way at all such propaganda and efforts to convert me; Parasha came on to the scene again, and not she alone; in fact there was a tremendous to-do.
In essence, Vina is the product of primitivistic dilettantism, which covers up an inventive impotence, a lack of dramatic feeling, and a dramatic helplessness through harmonic monstrosities, collected cacophonies, and the coarsest naturalism.
Composites containing the coarsest fibers (10-20 mesh) demonstrated the greatest resistance to creep; the finest (80-120 mesh) contributed the least resistance to creep.
Thereafter, the sand, from finest to coarsest, was added gradually to the mixture, and the mixing continued until the complete homogenization of the mixture.
Use the coarsest it necessary to remove the imperfections in either the metal or wood and then work your way up through successive finer grits until you reach the surface finish you need.
SEM-EDS proved a very useful technique for obtaining both technological and elemental concentration data on the analysed ceramics, and the compositional groups indicated by the clay body (matrix) analysis correspond well with the typological assignments of the selected ceramics--sherds identified as exotic in the macroscopic examination proved to be outliers in the data set, whereas the coarsest domestic vessels belong to the presumably relatively local main group.
feed opening of the C130 jaw crusher is able to process even the coarsest feed and maintain a trouble-free material flow through the crusher, the company said.
But later ass curses were deliberately phrased in the vernacular, in this case Marathi, using the coarsest terms that would violate the limits of decency even by modern standards.
However, the oldest radiocarbon ages were not measured in the finest particle-size fractions, but in the coarsest fraction, which was highly aggregated.
Their hardiness is legendary, with tough hooves less prone to injury and a rumen capable of breaking down the coarsest of fibres.
I'd hire a heavy duty, floor-edging sander with a circular disk - use the coarsest grade paper.