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Unfortunately, the coarsest material in the cyclone overflow is the lightest gravity material and typically the lowest ash.
Clamp the blade in the guide and roll it back and forth on the coarsest paper until the edge is uniformly shiny.
After a component is delivered to the Ettlingen facility, it passes through a high-pressure pre-cleaning process to remove the coarsest dirt.
In 1825 it was reported that in digging about them, urns made of the coarsest clay, containing human dust and bones were found.
As the coarsest UHPC component is sand (the coarsest particle size is approximately 2 mm) this aggregate and other finer aggregates will have no effect on the freeze-thaw resistance of concrete because finer than 2-3 mm particles substantially reduce the water absorption of the aggregate [12], whereas dry or semi-dry aggregates are not susceptible to destructive freeze-thaw effect.
1) on the coarsest level with a given initial guess [[u.
The ore was ground to a size at which the maximum mineral grains liberated at the coarsest possible size, avoiding over-grinding which can lead to slimming problems (Wills, 1992).
Flexible pic-a-pic insertion of very thin to coarsest filling yarns will be demonstrated using an Alta Moda clothing fabric.
The coarsest fractions were also analysed for 32 elements by emission spectroscopy.
The annual feast is always characterised by the coarsest revelry.