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Southeastern Wisconsins Lake Michigan bluffs, beaches, and harbor infrastructure are currently being impacted by a combination of high water levels, erosion, and coastal storms.
Safepoint Insurance Company -- approved to remove up to 20,000 personal residential policies (12,000 Personal Lines Account and 8,000 Coastal Account)
Army Corpos of Engineers Water Resources Science, Engineering, and Planning: Coastal Risk Reduction, "Reducing Coastal Risk on the East and Gulf Coasts" is critically important reading for governmental agencies, environmental protection groups, and municipal policy planners of every seaboard coastal community from New England down to the gulf states.
Under the first phase of this project a National Assessment Report on Coastal Erosion in Pakistan has already been prepared and the second phase focuses on the development of the coastal erosion management plan.
The Coastal Radar Network is an important component of the coastal security mechanism which will ensure monitoring and identification of maritime traffic.
The first issue, focused on coastal resiliency, includes articles on: government and academic institutional involvement in Gulf Coast resiliency; frameworks managing dynamic coasts; legal and policy impacts of sea level rise on coastal property; eroding long-term prospects for dynamic beach habitat in Florida; coastal hazard policy; and, floods, flood insurance, litigation and politics.
We are honored to be working with Ed Hershey and admire his experience, knowledge and vision," says David Weiss, President and Founder, The Coastal Group.
By 2050, if nothing is done to stop this process, the state could lose another 700 square miles, and one-third of 1930s coastal Louisiana will have vanished.
In all, more than half of the nation's population lives in these 673 coastal counties, which make up only 17 percent of the nation's land area.
Data from past cleanups has shown that more than 60 percent of the debris collected on Coastal Cleanup Day originates from inland sources, the organizers said.
Re-establishing permanent freshwater flooding that will drive out the encroaching salt water is one of the long-term goals of the Louisiana Coastal Wetlands Conservation and Restoration Task Force, made up of representatives from five federal agencies and the governor of Louisiana.
Three programs form the core of the FWS coastal conservation effort:

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