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COAST. The margin of a country bounded by the sea. This term includes the natural appendages of the territory which rise out of the water, although they are not of sufficient firmness to be inhabited or fortified. Shoals perpetually covered with water are not, however, comprehended under the name of coast. The small islands, situate at the mouth of the Mississippi, composed of earth and trees drifted down by the river, which are not of consistency enough to support the purposes of life, and are uninhabited, though resorted to for shooting birds, were held to form a part of the coast. 5 Rob. Adm. R. 385. (c).

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'In the coastal barangays, we have observed that it is really difficult to evacuate our residents from the coasts going out to the evacuation (centers).
The VC said that Sindh coastal and deltaic region needs the research based studies particularly on saline water aquaculture, seawater intrusion, freshwater aquifers and various socio-economic dynamics of livelihood and maintenance of natural ecosystem specially for adaptation measures to face the climate change and freshwater scarcity conditions at the coastal and deltaic area of Sindh.
Mukhtiar Ahmed Mahar Director of the Centre for coastal and Deltaic Studies handover the booklets copies of Research studies on (i)review of Sindh Coastal Development Authority Act 1994 and Sindh Coastal Development Plan, (ii) razor clam fishery and socio-economic conditions of fishing community in coastal areas of Sindh Pakistan for accreditation of M.Sc certification, (iii) education and Research on coastal fisheries management in Sindh Pakistan.
Hearn Kirkwood will join Coastal Sunbelt Produce and East Coast Fresh as subsidiaries of The Coastal Companies.
Biological diversity, a number of internationally important protected areas, sand beaches, mangrove forests and globally renowned Indus Delta constitute potential coastal tourism resources of the Sindh coast.
Coastal Carolina Bancshares was sponsored for OTCQX by FIG Partners Llc, an employee-owned broker/dealer specialising in financial institutions.
According to him, it's a common practice globally to manage coastal zones in a scientific manner by conducting hydrodynamic surveys before embarking upon projects that can potentially affect the coast.
Guangshen Coastal Expressway is an important core passage going through the north-south of the Pearl River Delta region and enjoys an economically viable neighbourhood region.
2 ( ANI ): The two-day Coastal Security Exercise 'Sagar Kavach' is scheduled on November 8 and 9, 2017 to provide seamless seaward cover along the Goa Coast jointly by all security agencies from coastal belt area line to the limit of territorial water i.e 12 nautical miles.
Cimatu has approved the proposal, dubbed 'Financial Assistance for Biodiversity Enterprise Project', under the Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Management Program of the DENR-BMB.
The Coastal Cleanup Day is commemorated every year on September 16 worldwide including Pakistan.

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