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COAST. The margin of a country bounded by the sea. This term includes the natural appendages of the territory which rise out of the water, although they are not of sufficient firmness to be inhabited or fortified. Shoals perpetually covered with water are not, however, comprehended under the name of coast. The small islands, situate at the mouth of the Mississippi, composed of earth and trees drifted down by the river, which are not of consistency enough to support the purposes of life, and are uninhabited, though resorted to for shooting birds, were held to form a part of the coast. 5 Rob. Adm. R. 385. (c).

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He said: "We hope in Wales at least to make the coastguard service a devolved issue so we can re-instate Swansea where professional and respected work was done for many years.
If you call 999 and ask for the Coastguard, or issue a mayday broadcast, we will still be here to help you.
Dennis O'Connor, who coordinates the national campaign group Coastguard SOS, said: "We are deeply concerned the closure of Liverpool Coastguard will take place this week despite the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) offering no proof lives will not be put at risk.
There are currently 11 volunteers split between the Liverpool and Crosby coastguard teams, with additional teams in Southport and Wirral.
A MOTORIST who tried to cross the Holy Island causeway while it was under water was ordered to turn back by coastguards.
On the other hand, The Interior Minister held talks with Head of the European Union maritime capacity-building on several issues relating to the training of the Coastguard Authority's personnel to improve their capacities in the fight against piracy, as well as in marine communications and rescue operations.
The coastguard then called the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, and a doctor there gave written instructions on how to look after the man, whose finger was severed just under the nail.
Coastguards around the UK co-ordinated 319 search and rescue operations, many involving missing children, on the first weekend of August.
A Shetland Coastguard spokesman said: "We believe no injuries have been sustained to the crew.
It was imperative that the chosen system provided a precise record of exactly what the operator saw on the main console screen - scan-converted data from ship's radars, the output from an infrared sensor, as well as a 'tote' page - which provides summary data on the coastguard vessel's position, course and speed," said Ernest Ladeveze, principal engineer and production manager for the coastguard program at EDO Combat Systems.
A spokesman for Staithes Coastguard said the children had been tipped out of an inflatable boat and had been recovered to shore.
A Maritime & Coastguard Agency spokesman said: "The search, coordinated by Falmouth Coastguard, for the man who was washed into the sea from the north Cornwall coast has now finished, although sadly no sign has been found of him.