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The Canje, in a sense, nourished the Rose Hall sugar plantation, one of the largest in the country; and living in the East Canje district, I grew up breathing in the scent of rotten sugarcane and inhaling the aroma of molasses mingling with the vague air of mollusc, crab, and shrimp floating up from the Atlantic all along the Guyana coastland, all the while as the giant cane factory hummed, throbbed.
About 680sq km of coastland, including parts of all major cities, are under threat from sea surges and flooding at the height of tides.
But he also warned that Britain's million gardens cannot save the range of the nation's biodiversity alone because they struggle to the ecology of areas such marshes, heaths and coastland.
The restaurant is located at the Coastland Center Mall at 1700 Tamiami Trail North in Naples, Fla.
It reaffirms for us that a significant number of discriminating luxury homebuyers share Kor's vision for upscale, design-savvy properties in the Playa area, which are still uncommon on this beautiful stretch of coastland.
As well as Blaenffos and Hermon schools in the north, Dale and Waterston primary schools in the south, which are part of the Coastland Schools Federation, are also under threat.
The Kona Grill restaurant is located in Coastland Center, a 960,000 square foot, regional mall located on Highway 41 in Naples.
Cornish Pathways - hiking the Cornish coastland in southwest England
This project is vital for delivery and distribution of drinking water to this economically fast growing southwest coastland province of China.
First graph, first sentence of release should read: The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated (Nasdaq:CAKE) announces the opening of its newest Cheesecake Factory(R) restaurant on February 15, 2005 at the Coastland Centre in Naples, Florida (sted February 15, 2004).
18 /PRNewswire/ -- General Growth Properties (NYSE: GGP) today announced the acquisition of Coastland Center in Naples, Fla.
The residents will enjoy the sun-drenched western coastland that stretches along 1,000 miles of sandy beaches, palm strewn headlands, and blue lagoons, from Mazatlan in the north and curving to the southeast past Acapulco to the new vacation land of Bahias de Hautalco in Oaxaca.