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BEIRUT: The Lebanese government must take urgent and immediate steps to avoid the "irreversible" effects of climate change, which threaten to submerge large parts of the country's coastland, environmentalists said on Wednesday.
Now, the citizens of Coastland change their spending habits on imports from a fixed amount of 400 to Imports = 250 + 0.
The Coastlands Grasslands Project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and also involved Durham County Council's countryside team and the Durham Wildlife Trust who have restored areas and worked with local schools.
The company designs and manufactures innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions for power supply where there is no access to mains electricity And recently its Grid to Go - a low carbon hybrid generator - has been used in a variety of applications including Balfour Beattie construction sites, events in the countryside and an operation to measure waves on an isolated piece of coastland.
The output of the Tulu oral tradition is really stunning and PaDdanas (folk narratives) found in Tulunadu-comprising the southern coastland of Karnataka and northern parts of Kerala-could be ranked among the best folk epics of the world.
The coastland map charts the post Ice Age tilt of the UK and Ireland and current relative sea-level changes.
The Coastland map, drawn up by scientists at Durham University, shows sinking is less than previously estimated in some places and higher in others.
Rev Martin Trench, 36, delivers fire and brimstone sermons for his Coastland Christian Fellowship Church at Craigpark School in Ayr.
THE unspoilt coastland in south west Cork makes it an ideal place for long distance walking.
Set in ten acres of heritage coastland with the beach on your doorstep, you'll feel immediately inspired and refreshed by the spectacular scenery and Atlantic air.
The most recent pictures are from Somalia, a barren stretch of East African coastland that juts into the Indian Ocean.