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After evaluating other coax solutions, we chose Sigma's CoAir solution because it proved to be the most reliable, trustworthy, and cost efficient, that can coexist with satellite, cable and broadcast TV," said Philomena Pai, Director of Sales of Lung Hwa Electronics.
The HANA and 1394 Over Coax standard solves challenges of moving multiple HD video streams while maintaining content security and consumer friendliness.
Pulse~LINK's CWave([R]) UWB technology is a "no-new-wires" solution that delivers up to Gigabit data rates over coax and wireless networks from the same chipset, providing consumers with the unprecedented ability to distribute high quality multimedia content throughout the home.
CopperGate chipsets have been deployed by leading triple-play service providers representing nearly 100 million lines and have already connected over 15,000 miles of coax.
A long time recognized innovator of UWB technology, Pulse~LINK invented the use of Ultra Wideband over coax systems in 2002 and was the first to patent and demonstrate this revolutionizing technology for streaming HD content throughout the home.
The Gefen HDMI Over Coax Extender provides an infrared back channel that enables consumers to use the same remote that controls their set-top box, DVR, Blu-ray or HD DVD player, in all rooms throughout the connected home.
Devices enabled with the Pulse~LINK CWave([R]) UWB chipset allow HD video content, multi-channel audio and high-speed data located anywhere in the home to be shared across the existing coax backbone, in addition to wireless networking capabilities within each room.
Baxter said, "The baseband coax PMD will be a simple, low-cost interface that will provide high throughput in harsh EMC environments while using economical coaxial cables and standard connectors.
CopperGate works with the world's leading system manufacturers to deliver the only products that operate over both phone lines and coax cables on a single network enabling consumers to conveniently connect equipment to broadband services throughout the home.
Home system consists of cameras, lighting controls, media players and other equipment and software in addition to the Powerline and Coax networking solution from Corinex.
BRUSSELS, Belgium -- EqcoLogic NV, an analog circuit designer headquartered in Belgium, has demonstrated a new transceiver chip that allows IEEE 1394b signals to be transmitted two ways simultaneously, at 1 Gbit/s (S800 standard), over a single COAX cable.