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The outer conductor of the coaxial cable is soldered to the bottom layer of the LPDA, and the inner conductor is connected to the top layer of the antenna using a via-hole inside the substrate.
A one-way coaxial cable experiment was performed at the Utah University in 1981 by Torr and Kolen [6].
It's important to use good quality coaxial cable, a good test is the cable should be stiff.
It consists of a six-decade [beta] balance identical to the [alpha] balance, a 10 nF mica capacitor in a 25 [degrees]C oil bath, and a choked coaxial cable also inserted into star G.
Next year, University of Hawaii researchers will move a retired coaxial cable 25 km to a site north of Hawaii that they have been monitoring with ships.
Wiring of RG-6 coaxial cable is usually installed for distributing TV signals throughout the home.
Times has long been a pioneer in the development of coaxial cable and microwave cable assembly technology.
The analytical characterization of coupling between two coupled lines with sliced coaxial cable is a difficult task.
Electronic wire and cable includes products such as multiconductor cable, fiber optic cable, coaxial cable, planar cable and hookup wire.