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Cocaine is a very addictive stimulant that is generally sold on the street in the form of a fine, white, crystalline powder.
Unlike the thin, pale look of many heroin and crack cocaine users, Ecstasy users are primarily well-built, well-groomed, young adults with healthy outward appearances .
The purpose of the current study was to develop a cell culture model of cocaine-induced aberrant neurite growth and to examine whether cocaine interferes with pathfinding mechanisms.
Samet, (21) an undercover officer gave a prearranged arrest signal from inside the defendant's apartment after he made a purchase of 277 grams of cocaine.
Approximately 25,000,000 Americans have tried cocaine, and the drug is the most-frequent cause of narcotics-related deaths reported by medical examiners.
The patient said his symptoms had begun shortly after he had smoked crack cocaine at a concert.
At enrollment, women were asked to recall the extent of their tobacco, marijuana, alcohol and cocaine use both in the month before they became pregnant and in each trimester.
On 24 January, Midgett's crew caught another go-fast vessel, with four crewmen and 733 pounds of cocaine.
Drugs experts say increasing numbers of professionals including businessmen are regularly taking cocaine.
It is unlikely that a more dependable history of cocaine in America before 1920 will appear soon--or ever.
At 30 and 90 dasts after birth, the researchers gave the pups cocaine doses of 1.
In just the first five months of 1999, Brazilian authorities had captured more than half of 1998's total of six metric tons of cocaine.