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Khan's cockiness is based on his sharply rising political fortunes in the past one year.
She opened the show with an electrifying performance of her songs Cockiness and We Found Love, accompanied by Calvin Harris.
"I may have gone into my match against Dylan with a little too much cockiness," admitted Matt Stamp, who fell to Key in the quarterfinals.
"A master of political theater;" "exudes cockiness;" "coupled with an in-your-face brashness;" "his 'performance' has received considerable attention;" "burn off bile." Reading these little bites from the well-written article, I think you get the idea.
Modest Tsonga is not in the same league as the Louisville Lip for cockiness but insisted: "I felt so good on court.
By the end, the candidates have been so brutally stripped of their initial cockiness, their self-belief and most importantly their dignity, that they look ready for a good rest and a nice office job where they can't do too much damage.
"My players know that if there is any slackness or cockiness they will be dropped like a two-tonne weight "There are many issues away from match days resting on us going up, one being returning to Penydarren Park next season, so while I want the lads to enjoy their football they also have a responsibility not to just themselves but also to the supporters."
Bush's cockiness on the subject is a measure of how distorted his views -- and those of many others in Washington -- remain on the subject of torture, and how inadequate the legal barriers against it continue to be.
"Despite his age he's got a real cockiness about him and the ability to back it up.
He got it wrong It is more a case of cockiness with Hughesy - h e s o m e t i m e s g e t s i t r i g h t and it looks great.
Hopefully, at long last, the dismal performance in South Africa will bring an end to the years of self-delusion and cockiness that the Premiership sits only alongside British Television as the "best in the world".