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Sharing the lanes with Anemone, from the tournament's second group, Cockscomb registered a team total of 3,102 pins while Anemone went for 3,424.
These include Belize's 100,000-acre Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the only preserve created to protect jaguars.
The sticheid-pholid group included fish from a variety of families: three spine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus), snake prickleback (Lumpenus sagitta), high cockscomb (Anoplarchus purpurescens), wattled eelpout (Lycodes palearis), Pacific sandfish (Trichodon trichodon), and saddleback gunnel (Pholis ornata).
The Vermilion Cliffs, the Grand Staircase, the Cockscomb, the Water-pocket Fold, and the redrock maze of the Escalante Canyons provide only hints of the geologic wonders for which this corner of the Colorado Plateau is renowned.
On the first of several river tours undertaken aboard Zodiac rafts, we explored the mouth of central Belize's Sittee River, near the country's Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, home to elusive jaguars.
There's cockscomb, eye-catching and in startling good health, as well as marigolds, crown imperial, asters, larkspur, and an odd little flowering plant named love-lies-bleeding.
The reserve, to be called the Cockscomb Basin Forest Reserve, was established through the cooperation of Wildlife Conservation International (a division of the New York Zoological Society), the Belize government and the Belize Audubon Society.
The southern extent of this system hosts hydrothermal breccias, open-space and cockscomb quartz with calcite replacement textures over an area 2 kilometers in length, and 100 meters in width.
Feast will also feature legendary chefs from around the country and the around world like Ollie Dabbous of Dabbous in London, Christopher Haatuft of Lysverket in Norway, John Tesar of Knife at The Highland Dallas in Dallas, Philip Krajeck of Rolf and Daughters in Nashville, Ben Ford of Ford's Filling Station in LA, Paul Kahan of The Publican in Chicago, Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Viet Pham of ember + ash in Salt Lake City, Brad Farmerie of Saxon + Parole in New York City, Aaron Silverman of Rose's Luxury in Washington, DC, Chris Cosentino of Cockscomb in San Francisco and dozens more, plus Oregon's very best chefs, artisans, winemakers, brewers, cider houses and distillers.
The third grade students will plant and nurture upwards of 600 zinnia and cockscomb celosia plants to sell at the upcoming Third Grade Plant Sale in early June.
Fashioned in mercury andiron, candelabras were stunning arrangements of purple dendrobiums, yellow oncidiums, and orchids mixed with blue hydrangeas, cockscomb roses, and lilies with Spanish moss.