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Pathogenicity was confirmed on 25-30 days old cockscomb plants grown in pots containing sterilized soil inoculated with 5 mL spore suspension (105/mL).
While the physical evidence of planting seeds is seen in the cockscomb, the intangible seeds of integrity, generosity, encouragement and a sense of humor Oliver planted for his family are immeasurable.
Sharing the lanes with Anemone, from the tournament's second group, Cockscomb registered a team total of 3,102 pins while Anemone went for 3,424.
Cerca de Mexico, el principal refugio es el Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary (Santuario para la fauna salvaje de la cuenca del Cockscomb), en Belice, que ocupa 40,000 hectareas y es patrocinada por la fabrica inglesa de autos Jaguar, cuyo simbolo es precisamente la imagen de un jaguar rampante, en lucha para recuperar el territorio del acorralado rey de las selvas americanas.
Wants: Nonhybrid cockscomb (red fluted type), Chinese lantern, pink angel's trumpet.
Relax on an idyllic palm-studded island, snorkel a pristine coral reef, and hike in the Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve.
One of Cowper's attractive occasional poems, 'To a Young Lady, with a Present of Two Cockscombs', puns on cockscomb = (a) an ornamental plant of the genus celosia, (b) a fop:
The Vermilion Cliffs, the Grand Staircase, the Cockscomb, the Water-pocket Fold, and the redrock maze of the Escalante Canyons provide only hints of the geologic wonders for which this corner of the Colorado Plateau is renowned.
On the first of several river tours undertaken aboard Zodiac rafts, we explored the mouth of central Belize's Sittee River, near the country's Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, home to elusive jaguars.
Developing from a sixth former's suggestion to visit the jungle, the trip had initially been conceived as a Combined Cadet Force adventurous training exercise to trek through the jungle and climb a forest-clad peak in the Cockscomb Range.
There's cockscomb, eye-catching and in startling good health, as well as marigolds, crown imperial, asters, larkspur, and an odd little flowering plant named love-lies-bleeding.