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There are religious traditions that wisely tell us that this sense of moral cocksureness stands on the edge of the moral abyss.
Merriman, who found objectionable the aristocratic cocksureness of men they deemed carpetbaggers.
Sly walks into the concert hall with a girl on one arm, strutting and emitting a glow of cocksureness while jauntily smoking a cigarette.
With labor excluded--with everyone excluded, in fact, who could possibly diverge from the privatization faith--the commission frames its pronouncements in the classic consensus tones of "New Economy" cocksureness.
Always at ease with language and the fluctuations of dialogue, she demonstrates here a lexical flourish that is well adapted to the readers she intends to reach and proves altogether charming in recording the candid parlance of her rural-reared youngsters, who, owing to Aunt Genia's tutoring, exhibit more than a smattering of worldly cocksureness.
On his professional side, we watch him bustling to energize the Buffalo Express into both a prominent newspaper and a cash-machine before quickly giving up while solidifying his cocksureness about his viability as a free-lancer, fitfully psyching himself up to produce another hefty subscription book while learning to live gleefully with the fact that The Innocents Abroad had earned him nationwide fame certified by a flow of royalties; and swearing off the career of lecturer before, in the fall of 1871, going back on the circuit with a self-assurance that let him read the mixed reviews more analytically than resentfully while experimenting for more fetching subjects.
Bora Altas, Yusuf, exudes none of the annoying cocksureness that can destroy the performances of child actors, while Yakup, Erdal BesikE*ioglu (who last year starred in Ecagatay Tosun's patriotic-populist action thriller "Vali"), hovers over the proceedings like a benevolent spirit.
Ultimately, the surrender of certainties is the only way to approach an infinitely complex geographic area such as the Middle East--and a welcome antidote to the cocksureness underlying the alarmist projections and extremist measures of our media and politicians.