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The winners of the Get Cocky Awards personify New York's influential cutting-edge style, and are a reflection of our Mash Culture Lab(TM) line of clothing," said Joseph Shortal, Chief Executive Officer of Sub-Urban Brands.
Although Mancini goes along with the cocky assessment, he insists Hart, 25, remains well focused and denies he has let success go to his head.
Pensioner Leslie Proctor served with the Merchant Navy for 22 years and bought Cocky as a chick 54 years ago from Paddy's Market, in Sydney, Australia.
Maybe I'm a bit cocky but I feel really good and I just fancied winning today.
Pat Dillon believes Cocky and four parrots were stolen to order for a private collector.
The Get Cocky Awards were organized by AGW, Sub-Urban's New York-based event marketing agency, to celebrate individuals who encompass lower Manhattan's diverse culture and influence in the arts, entertainment, media and film.
Because I did that Football Diaries, with all my jewellery as well, I got labelled cocky.
Armstrong's cocky, often tongue-in-cheek writing style mirrors his success as one of the world's best Grand Prix cyclists.
Jimmy Sandison last night admitted Airdrie would have had the play-off slot sewn up if they hadn't been so COCKY.
And yesterday fed-up Dennis went to the club's ground, Tynecastle, to appeal for feathered friend Cocky.