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TREE. A woody plant, which in respect of thickness and height grows greater than any other plant.
     2. Trees are part of the real estate while growing, and before they are severed from the freehold; but as soon as they are cut down, they are personal property.
     3. Some trees are timber trees, while others do not bear that denomination. Vide Timber, and 2 Bl. Com. 281.
     4. Trees belong to the owner of the land where they grow, but if the roots go out of one man's land into that of another, or the branches spread over the adjoining estates, such roots or branches may be cut off by the owner of the land into which they thus grow. Rolle's R. 394; 3 Bulst. 198; Vin. Ab. Trees, E; and tit. Nuisance, W 2, pl. 3; 8 Com. Dig. 983; 2 Com. Dig. 274; 10 Vin. Ab. 142; 20 Viii. Ab. 415; 22 Vin. Ab. 583; 1 Supp. to Ves. jr. 138; 2 Supp. to Ves. jr. 162, 448; 6 Ves. 109.
     5. When the roots grow into the adjoining land, the owner of such land may lawfully claim a right to hold the tree in common with the owner of the land where it was planted; but if the branches only overshadow the adjoining land, and the root does not enter it, the tree wholly belongs owner of the estate where the roots grow. 1 Swift's Dig. 104; 1 Hill. Ab. 6; 1 Ld. Raym. 737. Vide 13 Pick. R. 44; 1 Pick., R. 224; 4 Mass. R. 266; 6 N. H. Rep. 430; 3 Day, 476; 11 Co. 50; Rob. 316; 2 Rolle, It. 141 Moo. & Mal. 112; 11 Conn. R. 177; 7 Conn. 125; 8 East, R. 394; 5 B. & Ald. 600; 1 Chit. Gen. Pr. 625; 2 Phil. Ev. 138; Gale & Wheat. on Easem. 210; Code Civ. art. 671; Pardes. Tr. des Servitudes, 297; Bro. Ab. Demand, 20; Dall. Dict. mot Servitudes, art. 3 Sec. 8; 2 P. Wms. 606; Moor, 812; Hob. 219; Plowd. 470; 5 B. & C. 897; S. C. 8 D. & R. 651. When the tree grows directly on the boundary line, so that the line passes through it, it is the property of both owners, whether it be marked as a boundary or not. 12 N. H. Rep. 454.

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The ordinance noted that "the destruction of the coconut trees in Leyte will not only adversely affect the economy of the province as a primary coconut producing area but may further destroy the environment and ecology being among the most abundant of trees in this jurisdiction and consequently may result in disasters and calamities.
In 2016, the then Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led coalition government had courted controversy by de-classifying the coconut palm as a tree.
The forum, which bears the theme 'CoCoperation for a sustainable and vibrant coconut industry in Calabarzon,' gathered together coconut farmers, millers, processors, traders and PCA officials in Quezon province and aims to present the status and updates of the government programs and projects for the coconut industry, assess the supply-demand gap of the industry in the Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) region and craft unified strategic plans for a stable supply of nuts for the industry sector and equitable gains of the key players, particularly the coconut farmers.
The overwhelming opinion was that coconut was best combined with other flavors, preferably sweet ones.
The loans would be exclusive to 'poor and marginalized coconut farmers and farm workers.
318 per cent increase in the number of products launched with coconut from 2010 to 2016
Nutiva Organic Liquid Coconut Oils are hexane free, and made without any chemicals or filler oils, so there's no harsh aftertaste.
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In winters, using coconut oil instead of cream makes the skin really soft and it does not have any adverse side effects.
Director Francis Fegarido of PCA 6, said the agency targets to register 256,000 coconut farmers in the region until the end of the year, under the National Coconut Farmers Registry.