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The AVR32 core was designed from the ground up as a low clock frequency, low-power CPU with special emphasis on 1) maximizing the use of computational resources with a 7 stage pipeline and three parallel sub-pipelines that supports automatic data forwarding and out-of-order execution, 2) single-cycle load/store instructions with pointer arithmetic that reduces cycles required for load/store, 3) accurate branch prediction with zero-penalty branches and 4) maximizing code density to reduce cache misses.
Offering unequalled performance and code density, Velocity's microcontrollers deliver exceptional 32-bit performance at 8-bit systems cost.
The 16 Kbyte memory densities now added to the 36MHz Access Line and 72MHz Performance Line MCUs are ideal for cost-sensitive applications with high code density.
The LPC1100 series sets new benchmarks in performance efficiency with dramatically improved code density enabling longer battery life and lower system costs.
In addition, improvements to stack-pointer operations, supplemental addressing modes and new instructions boost support for C programming and real-time performance to increase code density and processor efficiency.
And ARC's 601 instruction set maximizes code density, minimizing memory usage and further reducing the overall system implementation size and cost.
Special features such as the Hitex DashBoard function provide a graphical view of MCU operation under different conditions, enhancing developers' understanding of important performance parameters including execution speed, power consumption, operation in low-power modes, and code density.
Given ARM's focus on meeting the requirements of a small core footprint, code density that enables smaller memories, reduced pin count and low power consumption, Micrium's embedded system components are a strong fit for the Cortex-M processor series," said Eric Schorn, VP Marketing, Processors Division, ARM.
In performance, the STM8 leverages a Harvard architecture with 16-bit index registers and stack pointer, a 16Mbyte linear address space, advanced addressing modes and other features designed to optimally support C-programming to deliver leading-edge CPU performance in both speed and code density.
The Diamond Standard 108Mini lowers system cost due to its smaller size, higher performance, and better code density than competitive 32-bit controllers," stated Steve Roddy, Tensilica's vice president of marketing.
The STM32 PerformanceStick is self-contained, with a USB host-PC interface, and gives the developer a window into the performance of the STM32, including its execution speed, power consumption, low power mode operation and code density.

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