code of behavior

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With Library staff she has greeted students in the Library Code of Behavior Campaign.
Leading Online Marketing Company Aims to Raise Industry Standards with International Code of Behavior for Its Advertisers, Publishers and Service Providers Worldwide
The "key elements" finalized in Hanoi include the setting up of mechanisms to monitor the implementation of the Code of Behavior and to resolve disputes over the application and interpretation of the code.
He recommended code of behavior on ethnic diversity for media, law abidance for security agencies.
The code of behavior hearing is only the first, and arguably least threatening, of three successive tests of his touring worth.
He may have intended the oath to be a code of behavior for Pythagorean physicians, not a generally applicable definition of medical professionalism.
Prince Segismundo understands there is a code of behavior in the realm of politics (although Machiavelli might beg to disagree), even if you suspect reality isn't reality after all.
Management enforced a new code of behavior, one that led to the theatre becoming much quieter.
The gunplay and violence that are inherent in his frontier code of behavior threaten the Virginian's relationship with a pretty schoolteacher from the East.
For the last 16 years, the period when managers have allowed some lighting ignitions to burn, fires have followed this theoretical code of behavior.
Rumson Capital's code of behavior and sophisticated actuarial tool, OptimumLife(SM), help customers achieve fast quotes and maximum financial value from a life settlement.
Shakespearean comedies for the modern professional class, they presuppose a highly civilized code of behavior and advanced educational level that in a Rohmer film could be taken as universal givens.