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having a written code of behavior in their organization.
The elite lost its former hegemony over proper behavior in the revolutionary era, for middle-class authors both embellished the code of behavior that once was used to set "gentlemen" apart from the masses, and taught it to middle-class readers.
As far as the code of behavior was concerned, these superiors were elite middle-aged men.
None of our employees has objected to our perfectly reasonable code of behavior.
NNA - "Achieving this victory was feasible because Lebanon embraces still people who work according to the code of behavior and ethical standards," Change and Reform bloc head Deputy General Michel Aoun said on Monday during his encounter with the delegation of the Engineers' victorious Electoral List headed by Elie Bsaibes at his residence in Rabieh.
Counselors may also coordinate mentoring programs, facilitate programs that can train students to deal with their peers and anger, and conduct regular discussion groups to address the school district's code of behavior and disciplinary policies.
January-February 2003)--that as Christians we are ultimately bound to a religious code of behavior above and beyond that imposed upon us as citizens of a particular country--I feel that it is important to question the idea of "nationalism," whether the "nation" being pledged to is a traditional nation-state or a particular religious community.
If the organization is structured in a way that recognizes the needs of the employees, has a code of behavior--oftentimes referred to as the organizational values--that is civil and caring, uses this code of behavior to give developmental feedback to employees, and creates opportunities for a variety of networks between people, then the environment is very likely to be conducive for healthy organizational growth.
His OT answer to humanity, in part, is that God seeks the heart of the worshiper, not the worshiper's appearance or simple compliance with a code of behavior.
Creating a code of behavior is one thing, enforcing it another.
The answer is: Each of us knowingly or unknowingly acts according to a code of behavior established not by conscious thought but by cumulative actions.
accept a common code of behavior that their electorates sustain.