code of honor

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I feel that mentioning the Hungarian Code of Honor as I have, without historical background, risks misleading the innocent or disappointing the curious.
Vivid characters and timely topics, such as posttraumatic stress disorder, also contribute to making Code of Honor a first-rate novel.
The Balding stable's Group 3 winner Highland Knight was retired after finishing last of three behind Code Of Honor in the 1m1f conditions race at Newbury on Friday.
They also called the government and media institutions to agree on a media code of honor to live up the message the media to a high level of morals and maintain the media freedoms.
The minister called those responsible for all Arab public and private media to adopt the ethical, national and moral code of honor based on our religion, customs and authentic traditions before they adopt the media code of honor, on which media experts, the Secretariat of the Arab League and the Executive Office of Arab Information Ministers worked, considering word as a trust given to everyone and that word should be a building tool and not a destructive element in order to reach common formats through homelands are built.
BAGUIO CITY -- Former Senator Panfilo Lacson reminded his fellow alumni at the Philippine Military Academy about the importance of living up to their code of honor.
These proposals were developed in order to improve responsibility of judges for their professional duties, strict compliance with the law and the Code of Honor of Judge.
Tightly focused on four Navy SEALS deployed to support a planned attack on a Taliban compound, Berg's kinetic portrayal of a bloody, ill-fated mission never loses sight of the protagonists' humanity and dedication to their code of honor and to each other.
HERE'S JOHNNY: Educate powers home to win the Cambridgeshire under Johnny Murtagh as the 8-1 jolly just beat Code Of Honor to the line
Importantly, 27 of the last 30 winners had finished in the first four last time out which is a boost to the chances of Captain Bertie, Code Of Honor, Tha'ir and Top Notch Tonto.
I fear Code Of Honor will be too far out the back to land a blow while Boonga Roogeta is another who comes here below top form.
in Washington, DC) analyzes key elements of the conflict as pitting American attitudes represented by the casual use of military drones, against Islamic tribes of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, characterized--with reference to a metaphor from a Tolstoy short story--by the "thistle-like" qualities of love of freedom, egalitarianism, a tribal lineage system defined by common ancestors and clans, a martial tradition, and a highly developed code of honor and revenge.