code of morals

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And finally, as it is not enough, before commencing to rebuild the house in which we live, that it be pulled down, and materials and builders provided, or that we engage in the work ourselves, according to a plan which we have beforehand carefully drawn out, but as it is likewise necessary that we be furnished with some other house in which we may live commodiously during the operations, so that I might not remain irresolute in my actions, while my reason compelled me to suspend my judgement, and that I might not be prevented from living thenceforward in the greatest possible felicity, I formed a provisory code of morals, composed of three or four maxims, with which I am desirous to make you acquainted.
In fine, to conclude this code of morals, I thought of reviewing the different occupations of men in this life, with the view of making choice of the best.
It would almost seem that, according to their peculiar code of morals, the pilfering of a hatchet or a wrought nail from a European, is looked upon as a praiseworthy action.
I suspected a degree of laxity in his code of morals, there was something so cold and BLASE in his tone whenever he alluded to what he called "le beau sexe;" but he was too gentlemanlike to intrude topics I did not invite, and as he was really intelligent and really fond of intellectual subjects of discourse, he and I always found enough to talk about, without seeking themes in the mire.
As the fierce dark teaching of his childhood had never sunk into his heart, so that first article in his code of morals was, that he must begin, in practical humility, with looking well to his feet on Earth, and that he could never mount on wings of words to Heaven.
The Bible Belt Christians will not embrace political correctness, inclusivity and diversity, they will not accept people who live outside of the Christian code of morals, for the Gates of Heaven are closed against them.
A world which operates by a separate code of morals.
The idea that there is a static code of morals that society should adhere to is as ridiculous as filing a lawsuit in the name of evasive and obscure concepts like collective morality or public indecency.
The second and longest part of book features Vaughn's letter and Franklin's discussions of how he conscientiously built his own code of morals and developed his habits to form his own character.
Why do they behave as though they had a vastly superior code of morals and the child's immortal soul was in their sole care?
What was left, he once observed, was "the most sublime and benevolent code of morals which has ever been offered to man.
It all began, says Roberts, when American World War I veterans returned home from France with tales of sexual exploits in a society with a relaxed code of morals.