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This condition is not terribly different from severe codependence, in which we want to control the reality of another in order to soothe ourselves.
The Fed's post-financial crisis mission creep, since 2008, has fueled an unhealthy codependence between it and the market, akin to the infamous pre-crisis "Greenspan put," whereby the Greenspan Fed was expected to--and did--step in to support financial markets whenever there arose a threat to rising asset markets.
The Bridge to Recovery, with locations in Santa Barbara, CA and Bowling Green, KY, provides residential programs designed to assist individuals and affected family members suffering from codependence, trauma, and a wide range of process addictions.
Yet, the codependence between birth and death has also inspired invigorating literary visions.
Because of the data gaps and the current screening-level approach, some codependence in uncertainty in model input parameters may occur in some instances; however, given the overall limitations in obtaining robust uncertainty estimates for all input parameters and the generally large uncertainties in model output, the issue of codependence is best addressed at higher tier assessments or when better data are available to characterize uncertainty.
Default risk codependence in the global financial system: was the Bear Stearns bailout justified?
Of course, this does not preclude FSOC from making codependence an important component of systemic risk measurements in the future, but at present FSOC does not require this.
Family systems theory: A unifying framework for codependence.
Beckett's characters often exist in tragi-comic relations of codependence that seem to mock communitarian ideals of charity and mutual aid while laying bare the edifice of liberal individualism as a flawed document.
In fact the responsibility of both men and women were seen as complementary to one another "there was a codependence and a balance that existed" (St.
Multiple dysregulation could explain a person's codependence on several drugs," Dr.
By the end, the speaker admits her codependence on her jailor-rapist (who also seems to be her husband, or possibly her mental illness): "What would the dark / Do without fevers to eat?