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codependence [that] might seem inevitably to lead to a mutual identification of interests and a manifestation of deep, if not surface, capture.
Social support, coping resources and codependence in spouses of individuals with alcohol and drug dependence.
The Bushman and Williams (2015) results have implications for the downside risk of individual banks and for codependence in downside risk among banks.
A codependence between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the US has existed for decades.
Sources prized by some designers for their color quality, such as halogen lamps, score poorly in terms of GAI, falling well below proposed criteria and exemplifying why the codependence of CCT and GAI is limiting.
If the dissolution of the cogito as centre and identity of thought belongs to the beginning of an unhinging liberation of the faculties from their mutual codependence, then the creation of thought consummates what was begun in the encounter.
1) The relationship between media and the military has a long history of internecine codependence.
Furtado's historiography of Chica's life calls into question these simplistic representations of race and sex relations in 18th century Tijuca by emphasizing aspects of social mobility as well as reaffirming the oppression, codependence, and indentured nature of African slaves and Afro-Brazilians during that period.
I want to foster self-reliance, not codependence on professionals, as much as I can.
pdf (discussing the effects of immigration control through the visa regime upon American innovation); Brendan Cantwell, Transnational Mobility and International Academic Employment: Gatekeeping in an Academic Competition Arena, 49 MINERVA 425, 428-29 (2011) (describing the mutualistic codependence of immigration and education policies); Paul Basken, Foreign Scientists and U.