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2) Challenges were made by members of Betty's family to both the 2001 Will and the 1999 Will, and to two Codicils made in the intervening period.
But the ramifications of Rome's adopting such a codicil to the central doctrine of Christianity should not be allowed to influence the decision.
a new National Child Care strategy be developed between the federal government, the provinces and territories in the event that the provinces balk at the codicil for dedicated funds;
Besides the obvious tragedy of his untimely death, the non-witnessed codicil proved to be extraordinarily problematic for the resolution of Lane's will.
Reverie is the second codicil and the fifth project.
85] Among his famigliari accompanying the pallium from Rome, as the cardinal had requested in a codicil to his will, were Nicola Saraceni and the canon of Rouen, Robert Fortin.
It could still be added to a codicil to be developed once the convention comes into force.
As a useful codicil to the foregoing chapters, Wiebe deftly traces the history of the American Academy of Religion and analyzes several presidential addresses from 1953 to 1993.
A person leaving only a codicil implicitly acknowledges intestate succession for all belongings that are not left to legatees.
It's important to review your will annually, both to check for mistakes that may have been made in any codicil, or change, and to make sure that it remains up to date in terms of beneficiaries listed and other matters that express your final wishes.
Ponder those last four words: the Clinton codicil to every ethical standard, including each of the Ten Commandments.