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These arguments illustrate how moving beyond the classroom, undermining the role of the teacher as the possessor of the techne, and disregarding the idea of a codifiable universal process of writing can help L2 writers regard writing as a social discursive phenomenon and perform the act of writing as sociocultural action for betterment of their lives.
The recent regulatory emphasis upon the codifiable may reflect
Codifiable knowledge can be readily captured in electronic databases, manuals, and procedures.
Nonetheless, they provide the reader with unique insight into what goes on behind the scenes of either mode; as essentially incapable of illusion or dissimulation, they trigger more than just a codifiable reading of the passions.
While information technology makes more kinds of knowledge codifiable, and thereby accelerates the processes of innovation, change and learning, some elements of tacit knowledge have become more important than ever for economic performance and success.
As routine, codifiable functions in biopharmaceutical R&D are offshored, the sector can intensify its focus on advanced genomics research.
In this typology, gatekeepers function on the assumption that knowledge is not free but, rather, is a codifiable, commodifiable and marketable good that is accrued for private benefits, and that, on this basis, protocols are prescriptively enacted to control access from outsiders.
the action's effect on others, one's motive(s), what the action says about one's character--must also be considered before one knows whether one should act, and the relations between these considerations may be complex and nuanced and not codifiable.
Some authors suggested that an ICT-driven knowledge management approach stresses only the codifiable, explicit aspects of knowledge while ignoring the tacit aspects.
They cannot supply a strong set of codifiable rules that will guide us in making particular decisions.
Psychiatrists would then emerge with therapies that are effective, codifiable, and very often time limited.
Timbre is the singularity of a sound in its moment of production or occurrence (and hence, in principle, is not reducible to the different, codifiable qualities of sound with which, for example, a composer or arranger works when scoring a piece of music for orchestral instruments).