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We in the UK have an uncodified one, most countries have a codified one.
65 Federal Register 82461 (2000) (to be codified at 45 CFR [section]160.
The company has published codified ordinances for more than 2000 municipalities since its founding in 1951 and has current contracts with approximately 1200 municipalities to publish their data.
After studying ballet and modern dance at Oberlin College and learning codified hip-hop and break-dancing movement from choreographer Doug Elkins, Munisteri gave his first concert at P.
But, he added, "If it's not codified, it's not a company asset.
codified law can now be searched at the touch of a button thanks to USCode, the new database from Congressional Quarterly's (CQ) electronic publishing service Washington Alert.
The software's patent pending algorithms then detect errors in a customer's environment, and automatically map these errors to the associated problems codified in the Symptom Database.
Noting that it was one of his top priorities to prod Congress into passing faith-based legislation, Bush told the gathering that his executive orders "ought to be codified into federal law, and Congress needs to act this year to do so.
These cards-turned-pages are created--and they are remarkably creative--to (1) help you figure out how you're stuck (they have codified seven possibilities, from being overwhelmed to feeling worthless) and (2) help you figure out how to become unstuck.
His codified syllabi for tap and jazz made a major impact on the way these forms were taught internationally.
In her report, Ocamb noted that the supervisors have not codified last year's open government initiatives into county ordinances - which would prevent county supervisors from reversing the measures in the future - and have refused to pass the coalition's Sunshine Ordinance, which would force the county to discipline employees who do not comply with public record and open meeting laws.
In one case history after another, Takaki cites the aggressive bigotry tolerated and codified into U.