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The discretion of codifiers acting on behalf of the sovereign was very broad.
The codifier's canon should not be understood to impede an interpreter from drawing inferences from Congress's statutorily enacted choices about placement and captions.
(115) Weisberg (1996) at 92 ("The most decisive move, however, made by the higher power against the predomination of grudge and spite, is the establishment of the law, the imperial elucidation of what counts in [the codifier's] eyes as permitted, as just, and what counts as forbidden and unjust....
He is known as the Imam of Madina and the Imam of Dar al-Hijra, and is the codifier of one of the four madhhabs of Muslim orthodoxy.
THIS HANDSOME BOOK had its genesis in a conference held at Cambridge in 2009 to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the death of Whitley Stokes, philologist, etymologist, codifier of Anglo-Indian law, scholar and editor.
Il a ainsi juge injuste de "codifier de maniere sournoise de faux droits ou des abus qui, fondes sur une vision reductrice et relativiste de l'etre humain et sur l'utilisation habile d'expressions ambiguE1/2s destinees a favoriser un pretendu droit a l'avortement et a l'euthanasie, menacent le Droit fondamental a la vie".
Ils lui conferent la mission de codifier la langue en reference aux << meilleurs auteurs >> francais et, outre la redaction d'un dictionnaire et d'une grammaire a cette fin, lis lui confient aussi le soin de rediger une rhetorique et une poetique (articles XXIV, XXV et XXVI) : signe que la definition de la langue legitime, mais aussi la << definition legitime de la litterature legitime >> (5) qui en constitue le modele appartiennent aux gens de Lettres (ce qui emancipe ces domaines de la tutelle de l'Eglise).
Maimonides, codifier of Torah law, lists 13 principles of faith that are incumbent on a Jew.
Scholars of language, literature, and other humanities consider Stokes as an individual, as a codifier of Anglo-Indian law and an Irishman living in London and India, and as a Celticist and translator of medieval literature.
(7) Notable Lutherans in Slovak history were for example: Ludovit Stur (1815-1856)--political leader and codifier of standard Slovak language, Milan Rastislav Stefanik (1880-1919)--one of the founder of Czechoslovak Republic, or Alexander Dubcek (1921-1992)--political leader from so called "Prague spring" era in 1968.
Alois Haba is worthy of attention not only as a composer, but as codifier of composition techniques in the microtonal system.