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But unlike the scholarly writings of an expert, an editorial change in the Code introduced by a codifier is not accompanied by a set of reasons accessible to the public.
He is known as the Imam of Madina and the Imam of Dar al-Hijra, and is the codifier of one of the four madhhabs of Muslim orthodoxy.
The authors of the fourteen chapters turn various lenses to the three salient aspects of Whitley Stokes's "tripartite life" dealt with in the book: Stokes the person, Stokes the philologist and Stokes the servant of Empire in his guise as codifier of Anglo-Indian law.
Lussier deplore ainsi, a plusieurs reprises, la compulsion des autorites religieuses a codifier de maniere toujours plus precise ce qu'il faut faire et ne pas faire, dire ou ne pas dire (41).
4) Moritz Brandis, who was born in about 1550 in Germany, was the first codifier of the Estonian Knighthood rights and wrote a chronicle of the older history of Livonia.
Cette notion renvoie egalement a un ensemble d'activites visant a standardiser et codifier les procedures, a diffuser les savoirs faire, a etablir des normes particulieres, etc.
He was a physician, a codifier of law and so a rabbinic and legal authority, and a transmitter and interpreter of Jewish texts and Arabic philosophy.
La connaissance s'apparente a un savoir lorsque la firme (ou l'individu) possede les capacites de codifier (au moins partiellement) et de communiquer aisement cette connaissance de nature explicite.
Dans l'enquete ENI, la Classification canadienne des professions (CCDP) 1980 a ete utilisee pour codifier les emplois occupes au Quebec et l'emploi principal occupe avant l'immigration.
Ljudevit Gaj, a disciple of Kollar, language codifier and Croatian patriot, descended from a Slovak and a German who spoke German with each other.
Il faut clarifier ces problemes, les codifier et les communiquer a tous les citoyens d'une societe afin que tous ait une vue claire de leur responsabilite (Rosenberg 2002).
Henry Ford may have said that "history is bunk", but for Britain, the cradle of the thoroughbred, the codifier of the game, the exporter of it to Chantilly almost two centuries ago, history is one of its greatest assets.