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The correct one is that it is permissible, because the madhhabs don't die with the death of their codifiers, and this is why, after their time, they are still relied on in matters of consensus and difference of opinion, and because the death of a witness before the verdict has been given does not prevent the verdict from being based on his testimony, as opposed to his iniquity.
The authors of the fourteen chapters turn various lenses to the three salient aspects of Whitley Stokes's "tripartite life" dealt with in the book: Stokes the person, Stokes the philologist and Stokes the servant of Empire in his guise as codifier of Anglo-Indian law.
Dr Davies, a geologist working for the Countryside Council for Wales, argues that with the arrival of lawmaking powers at the National Assembly, it is appropriate that the first codifier of Welsh laws should be commemorated.
Despite the reputation of Moses Maimonides (1138-1204) as an unrivaled Talmudist and his stunning achievement as a codifier of Jewish law, to a significant degree he has, to the chagrin of Menachem Kellner, Professor of Jewish Thought at the University of Haifa, long been honored more in the breach than in the observance.
Moses ben Maimon (Maimonides) was a twelfth century philosopher and codifier of Jewish religious law who is indisputably the most important and influential Jewish scholar of the Middle Ages.
Salmon, Faut-il codifier l'etat de necessite en droit international?
Maimonidies, also known as Rambam, was a preeminent codifier of Jewish law and Jewish Philosopher.
Ce n'est que dans les annees 40 que l'on a commence a codifier et a restreindre le droit de parole des parlementaires.
I still rub my eyes at having found in The Western Canon that "Shakespeare is the inventor of psychoanalysis; Freud, its codifier.
Pesce supports Guido's claim to be regarded as the codifier of the principles of staff notation as we know them: the use of clefs and lines representing pitches a third apart.