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This opinion, however, is rejected by the vast majority of authorities, including all later codifiers (ahronim), i.e.
The discretion of codifiers acting on behalf of the sovereign was very broad.
In addition to that doctrinal difference, the nonlegislative codifiers differ from the drafters in the degree to which they communicate with congressional staffers.
believes that this was also the attitude of the codifiers and the state
He is known as the Imam of Madina and the Imam of Dar al-Hijra, and is the codifier of one of the four madhhabs of Muslim orthodoxy.
(132) The Indian codifiers were operating in an imperialist context.
If this failure was a shortcoming on Griffith's part, then it was one which was shared by every other potential codifier (82).
The rules accepted by the Jewish codifiers indicate that the right to revise a judgment is not time-limited.
Sha Anup (2010) observes that while apparently, tribalism was bequeathed to Africa by European cartographers, codifiers and colonial anthropologists among others, it was the Africans themselves who enforced tribalism, even long after colonialism, to the extent of being obsessed by it.
Moreover, the argument that solidarity is more natural than division is harmful: some codifiers in recent times have proposed to make all obligations with multiple debtors solidary, thus eliminating the benefit of division except where it is provided for in a contract or by law.
Finally, Rambam in Sefer haMitzvot, and Sefer Hachinukh, (21) and other halakhic codifiers, (22) extend the talmudic prohibition of tattooing both to persons doing it to their own bodies, or to other persons with their consent.