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Concept Codify had significant overlap with Optimal Workshop's card sorting tool, which made this integration hugely valuable for both parties.
The International Building Code embraces energy efficiency standards and now needs to codify sustainable principles.
The proposal to codify the economic substance doctrine adopts a much different approach to the tax shelter issue, which TEI opposes for the following reasons:
As part of its Better Regulation initiative, the commission intends to remove 1,000 pages of obsolete legislation from the Official Journal - a publication which was 97,000 pages long at the end of 2002 - and to codify a further 35,000 pages.
The amendments to the forms clarify the requirements regarding the age of financial statements; codify the long-standing practice of accepting two years audited income statement and statement of cash flows information, if the financial statements are presented in accordance with U.
Then they break these movements down and codify them using a computer language called LOGO.
With an object as humble as the auto motive inner tube, Canevari has managed to construct and codify a personal language sufficiently ambiguous to be adapted to a wide variety of situations and needs.
have sponsored bills that codify the administration's proposed policy.
At the same time, the increasing use of machinery and technology accelerated the loss of control; court rulings helped codify the notion that management could exclude labor from key decisions; and the hostile policies of Presidents Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover, along with fluctuations in the business cycle, weakened labor's bargaining position.
Core to Zenprise's ability to automatically diagnose and resolve email problems is its ability to codify Exchange expertise into software.
The proposed actions codify agreements committed to by the City Council and the Bloomberg administration at the adoption in January of the far reaching plan to spur development of 42 blocks of Manhattan's far west side and provide for the extension of the Number 7 subway to serve the area.