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Since 1990, states have codified or have tried to codify customary rules of investment law in negotiations at the WTO and OECD, (10) international criminal law in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, (11) and customary norms of environmental protection in a variety of regional and global agreements.
Codify said that it considers that the reliability of software system is vital to operations and Windows Vista certified products prove that the application will not be difficult or expensive to deploy and support in an ongoing basis.
TEI's letter observed that proposals to codify the economic substance doctrine--and related provisions creating a penalty for transactions lacking economic substance and denying a deduction for interest attributable to understatements of tax attributable to such transactions--have been rejected multiple times by previous conference committees.
Enduring, Surviving, and Thriving as a Law Enforcement Executive shares extensive insights, perspectives, suggestions, warnings, concepts, and ideas that codify over 400 years of wisdom of the day-to-day experiences related to the law enforcement profession.
The "New Economy Tax Simplification Act" is intended to codify the Supreme Court's decision in Quill Corp.
Yet Soane's self-punishing desire for knowledge and his attempt to codify (in true Enlightenment fashion) what he was learning, were remarkable, and scarcely typical of the English gentleman professional.
CoDIFy evaluated the Company's novel antibiotic for the treatment of CDI, ridinilazole, against standard of care, vancomycin.
As a result, the real estate, design and construction communities should now go beyond LEED and codify environmentallv sound practices.
FASB Chairman Robert Herz has launched a process to simplify and codify all GAAP rules--not necessarily to rewrite them, but rather put them in a more consistent package.
The proposed rule would codify and make mandatory related best-practice guidelines NASD had issued previously.
2896, has not included the proposal to codify the economic substance doctrine, and has included a modified version of the tax shelter penalty provisions.