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L]), and the relative coefficiency (R) are listed in Table 3.
The under-body has been given the same treatment, resulting in a smooth, flat surface that offers the best drag coefficiency in its class to help improve stability and greatly reduce wind noise.
Physics, for example, has a low coefficiency of social construction in contrast to, say, psychology.
This approach can be used reliably to analyze volatile compounds in hardy kiwifruit with a correlation coefficiency of greater than 0.
But the first characteristic of minor literature in any case is that in it language is affected with a high coefficiency of deterritorialization" (Kafka: Towards a Minor Literature 16).
They also help automakers achieve CAFE (computer average fuel economy) standards by reducing coefficiency of drag.
The results obtained (Table 7) showed that the runoff coefficiency was high in the Er system, medium in the CF system, and low in the Ctr and Bmb systems, indicating that the vegetation covers, no matter what type, for the hilly red soils could reduce surface runoff significantly.
9) Of course, sexual expressiveness can be every bit as shameless as sartorial impressiveness--and it's the coefficiency of the two (redress in undress, snake in weeds) that makes these poetries so sly and so astonishing.
On the first administration, the coefficiency alpha was .
This Noise Reduction Coefficiency indicates a quieter, perceptible difference to the human ear, which is significant in public spaces where high noise levels are always a negative.
This coefficiency of lynch law and family law is vividly seen as Tyree denies his own rights to agency and expresses his acceptance of Chris's murder as an act of Christlike martyrdom which will perpetuate black survival in a white world.
Multivariate Models for Predicting Position on Measure 1 - Oregon Pre-Election Survey Post-Election Survey OLS Estimates(a) Logistic Regression(b) b [Beta] Coefficiency (S.