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The discharge coefficient obtained from numerical simulation for Venturi tube installed with 10D upstream straight length was first compared against the discharge coefficient obtained from experimental test.
The variation comes both from the differences in mean plan characteristics and (except for the global adjustment only) from the across-contract coefficient variation.
Correlation coefficient analysis: The possible enhancements of high yield through yield attributes, as primary target of crop improvement, requires understanding the amount of correlations among various yield contributing characters or in fact, yield components.
JPEG standard baseline Huffman table codes quantized AC coefficient as two parts: its category together with the zero run length before it and the value.
s], respectively; [mathematical expression not reproducible], and [mathematical expression not reproducible] are the variable coefficient of variables [S.
0]), D is the diffusion coefficient for chloride ions, z is the absolute value of ion valence, F is Faraday's constant, U is the absolute value of the applied voltage, R is the gas constant, T is the average value of the initial and final temperatures in the anolyte solution in kelvin, L is the thickness of the specimen, [x.
Lemmon, Correlation for the Second Virial Coefficient of Water, J.
c) Extracting the time-varying correlation coefficient.
In order to predict friction behavior of a low-friction solid lubricant coating, friction coefficient evolution needs to be described with an appropriate law.
348 K) for optimizing the conditions of GC implementation to determine ionol contents in the transformer oil by the method of ionol single extraction with ethanol and further calculation with estimated equation using the ionol distribution coefficient.
H2: value added intellectual coefficient has an impact on financial performance (with standard EPS) of pharmaceutical companies listed in Tehran stock exchange.
The reflection coefficient due to a 2-dimensional curved wavefront is determined from examination of the canonical problem of a line source above a material slab.