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As a way of combining estimates from the two methods, using the average of coefficient estimates obtained through an OLS estimator, this study proposes calculating optimal weights for the two estimates, employing the Mallows criterion, and updating the IO tables.
This hypothesis has been raised about the existence of the effect of added value of intellectual capital coefficient including: value added capital coefficient (VACA), human capital coefficient (VAHU), and structural capital coefficient (STVA) with Financial performance (standard ROA) of Pharmaceutical companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange, and it gets tested using the following model:
On the other hand, equal per capita annual emissions is based on a principle that at least has a claim to be considered fair, and has a Gini coefficient of less than 0.
i](t) the Euclidean time-varying Hubble coefficient.
x), we can properly separate the error into two parts corresponding to two different contributions: [phi](x, t) corresponds to the error for a constant coefficient D(0), and U(x, t) represents the error coming from the perturbations around D(0), namely [?
Another research institute, the Centre for Chinese Rural Studies, in August put the Gini coefficient at around 0.
Polymers with a high power-law coefficient would likely generate more heat in the melt with increasing shear rate through viscous dissipation.
The commonly used Gini coefficient measure varies between 0 -- reflecting complete equality -- and 1, which indicates complete inequality.
The discharge coefficient of a DP meter is at the center of the discussion of the meter's accuracy.
Correlation coefficient is a member of the general linear model that also contains multiple regression, t-test and analysis of variance.