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Table 6: Bi-Week and Adequate Bi-Week and Adequate Pearson Coefficient of Correlation -0.
To test the impact of financial leverage on the cost of capital in low-levered and high-levered companies Karl Pearson's coefficient of correlation was used and the results were tested at 5 per cent level of significance.
However, we can also notice high values for Pearson's coefficient of correlation for the relations between the three independent variables taken two by two.
Coefficient of correlation (r) between tissues (1) in whole carcasses and rib samples, (2) in rib samples and CT analysis and (3) tissues in whole carcasses and CT analysis Dependent variables Muscle (g) Fat (g) Bone (g) Rib samples Carcass Lean meat (kg) 0.
Best correlation among the assays was found in the lower to middle range of values observed at the end of the saline infusion test, when Pearson coefficient of correlation ranged from 0.
The coefficient of correlation for news information and trading volume is represented is column 1.
Because of coefficient of correlation between extension courses and growers' view(-0.
The coefficient of correlation (r) was then calculated to quantify and measure the strength of relationships between key determinants and property returns identified in the literature.
001), the lower coefficient of correlation probably reflecting the ability of creatinine to detect only fairly gross impairment of GFR.
6850 Coefficient of Correlation Significance determination coefficient of model Species [r.
t-1]), in Equation (3), produces a significant and positive estimated coefficient of correlation.

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