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Table 2: Pearson product-moment coefficient of correlation of academic performance and well-being.
The block <<2-D Correlation>> measures the coefficient of correlation between the template image and the current shot of video current.
In all reported above experiments where we compared performance measures of the systems under different correlation in customers and energy streams, we compared the systems with the same coefficient of correlation for both streams.
The coefficient of correlation between the actual and the predicted values is highest for the TR model with inflation as transition variable.
Inter-relationship between OCB and HRM Practices: Correlation analysis by determining Karl Pearson's coefficient of correlation indicates that high or moderate degree of positive correlation exists between the study variables.
The results presented in Table 3 indicate that the lowest coefficient of correlation between soil moisture content and soil ECa was obtained on November 23rd, 2010, which had the highest mean soil moisture content (Table 2).
Firstly, it is possible to decrease the number of needed sensors by mathematical calculation of the coefficient of correlation among some types of gases, since by following one pollution type it is possible to statistically reproduce other gas values.
businesses are closely correlated across all 50 states and the District of Columbia (the coefficient of correlation between the two rankings is 0.
Coefficient of correlation is verified and the hypotheses accepted through t-test.
660) while the lowest value of the coefficient of correlation was for the females ([r.
The coefficient of correlation between age and skeletal muscle mass decreased with increasing length of the running distance (Fig.

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