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Key words: bearings, sliding bearings, lubrication of the bearings, the coefficient of friction
The initial peak in the measured torque was used to calculate the static coefficient of friction, and the subsequent average torque was used for the dynamic coefficient of friction.
In addition to improved wear rates and coefficient of friction, WG101 has a compressive strength 30% greater that that of PEEK 450FC30 and is PTFE-free, the company says.
The coefficient of friction COF for all the titanium samples as well as the friction force was determined and the results are presented in tabel 1.
DiaTiger coating has the super-hardness of 100 percent real diamond and provides a surface that has a low coefficient of friction, but with a more fracture-resistant multi-layer structure than traditional diamond coatings.
In addition, it does not negatively affect sheet coefficient of friction.
Typical test options include: tension; compression; load/displacement cycling; constant load displacement; texture profile analysis and coefficient of friction.
A variety of materials and finishes are used to engineer the optimal coefficient of friction, helping to achieve target end-use specifications.
The Borden Graphics Group, Cincinnati, OH, has developed a custom-matched color line of skid-resistant aqueous flexographic inks designed to impart high coefficient of friction properties to corrugated containers and trays.
In fact, the coefficient of friction for the biggest rock was about 0.
The coefficient of friction is, however, very poorly understood and very difficult to measure.

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