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Displacement of damper end in mm [mu] Coefficient of friction [[beta].
The coefficient of friction is the ratio of the weight of an object to the frictional force required to just move the object.
Of those metals commonly used in metal finishing only cadmium and chromium possess the ideal properties of low coefficient of friction.
In addition to improved wear rates and coefficient of friction, WG101 has a compressive strength 30% greater that that of PEEK 450FC30 and is PTFE-free, the company says.
The measurements of coefficient of friction for each of the four different lubricants were carried out by using the ringcompression test.
Key Feature: Exceeds OSHA-recommended coefficient of friction
For injection molders, the lower coefficient of friction is said to allow quicker, cleaner mold release.
Tests conducted by Bekaert show an average 15% reduction in camshaft friction losses at common city driving engine speeds, and claims the coating has the lowest coefficient of friction of any commercially available coating.
It offers a low coefficient of friction to processors and users and can be processed in many different colors.
DiaTiger coating has the super-hardness of 100 percent real diamond and provides a surface that has a low coefficient of friction, but with a more fracture-resistant multi-layer structure than traditional diamond coatings.
In addition, it does not negatively affect sheet coefficient of friction.

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