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227) In short, she adopted the equality approach--in which federal and state courts are considered coequal fora for the litigation of federal causes of action.
assistant) but are essentially coequals to each other.
Patients who feel they are treated fairly by their physicians, regardless of their backgrounds or personal characteristics, tend to be more motivated to relate to their physician on a coequal basis (Berry et al.
But that affiliation is ending, and now, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, art is ready to be recognized as a coordinate and coequal enterprise, which is in itself a way of forming consciousness and finding "meaning" in the world.
Section 5 stands at odds with the basic constitutional principle of coequal sovereignty, not only by prohibiting duly enacted state laws from taking immediate effect, but also by carving out a subset of states for disfavored treatment based on a badly outdated coverage formula.
Siricius promptly declared himself pope of all Christians, thereby creating what is now regarded as the Catholic Church, and declared that his four coequal popes were henceforth his inferiors.
DOD transformations to meet security assistance missions are well underway, with the recent doctrinal emphasis on stability operations--as a coequal with combat operations--full spectrum operations, and "wide area security," which includes "protracted counterinsurgency, relief and reconstruction efforts and sustained engagement focused on developing partner capacity as part of combatant command security cooperation efforts.
As the eternally begotten self-expression of the one, true, infinite and eternal God, the Son is coequal and coeternal with the Father.
This is what happens when a coequal branch of government is disrespected.
Maybe it never occurred to him to run these things by the two coequal members of the board.
And he was one of the team, not the boss, but a coequal participant where each member applied skills when needed.