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While the Tobin case could not have been criminalized under the threat-based model, revisiting its facts illustrates that it justifies imposing criminal liability on the supervisor, who abused his power to coerce sex on his subordinate.
02: (Taiwan liberalizes trade, China does not coerce)
First, a potential threatener may be trying to coerce you by threatening to crush you with an avalanche if you take the northern path.
SIR - I was saddened to read in The Western Mail (February 4) that the Haverfordwest male voice choir has attempted to coerce its members into singing God Save the Queen.
It appears to be the purpose of those conducting this procedure to throw the country into a state of terror, to coerce public opinion, stifle criticism, suppress discussion of the issues of the war, and put a quietus on all opposition....
Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood was accused of trying to "lean on and coerce" planning officials who denied his constituent Shangara Singh permission to extend his home at Inverclyde Road, Handsworth Wood.
In the brief, AU attorneys argued that public institutions should not be permitted to coerce students to pray or take part in religious worship.
If abortions no longer fall under federal jurisdiction, why is the Chretien government trying to coerce provinces to use public health money to pay private abortion mills?
One strategy gaining prominence applies civil remedies (e.g., fines for code violations and threats of legal action) to persuade or coerce nonoffending third parties, typically the property owner or manager, to take action against criminal or nuisance behavior.
Summary: Suspects confined victim in flat for 3 hours to coerce his father to waive ownership of land in their home country
It is only organized, officially sponsored or required prayers and prayer-time--or public prayers by individuals that suggest or clearly enjoy official authorization, or that coerce religious expression on captive audiences--that have been rightly judged by the Court to be in violation of the First Amendment.