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What this seems to say is that the Miranda ruling no longer governs police behavior, and that the police can coerce you to confess by almost any means short of violence.
According to the complaint, which was filed today in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, "The tactics and methods employed by Rank and its co-conspirators to accomplish that end include, among others, the creation of a chain of highly publicized entertainment/music themed restaurants presently named "Planet Hollywood" similar to but of substantially lower quality than the Hard Rock Cafes and the threat to open such inferior quality entertainment/music themed restaurants wherever plaintiffs operate a Hard Rock Cafe in order to devalue the unique Hard Rock Cafe concept, lower the profitability and value of (the Morton) businesses and coerce and force (the Morton) businesses to sell their interests to Rank.
Five women Army recruits accused investigators Tuesday of trying to coerce them into saying they were raped by superiors in a burgeoning scandal that has civil rights advocates calling for an outside investigation.
In the meantime, it is trying to coerce government to stifle the AT&T cable Internet competition.
District Court, Northern District of Alabama, Intergraph alleged that Intel was using its dominant market position in an attempt to coerce the workstation manufacturer into giving up certain key patent rights.
Perpetrators use real or perceived power to groom, threaten and coerce victims JACQUI MONTGOMERY DEVLIN barnardo's
At the same time, the lawsuit states, ACUA spent $775,000 outside of its budget to implement the scheme to coerce money from Alabama One.
White's House Bill 1648, which came before the committee, would make it a crime to coerce or force women to have abortions, and create a 72-hour waiting period for women who indicate they are being coerced or forced.
Second, even when they do get involved, behavioral control could limit male partners' opportunities to coerce them into having sex.
As Article 18 seems to contain a high standard for causation through its 'Nut for" language, potential coercers might be encouraged to coerce other states after finding these weaknesses in the only state responsibility provision that would directly apply to that situation.
In contrast, while women who sexually coerce men are more likely to reject the traditional sexual roles for women, they are significantly more likely to endorse the traditional stereotype of men's sexual accessibility (Clements-Schreiber et al.