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It is under these circumstances that coerced sterilizations allowed government to avoid taking responsibility to effectively address the pressing social and public health problems that were occurring in Indigenous communities.
Most were rooted in the bill's 72-hour waiting period for women who say they are being coerced into seeking the procedure.
Table 2 shows the cumulative frequency distribution for adolescent males and females (and both groups combined) who had, and those who had not, engaged in sexual intercourse by the end of the 18-year wave, and whether their first sexual experience was coerced.
Being in those relationships, in turn, may place female youth at risk for coerced sex.
Client motivation is a crucial concern in the treatment of problematic drug use, and perhaps particularly so in the context of coerced treatment.
We still believe that she was coerced into it' MUM DEBBIE
In this Article, I propose amending the Fair Credit Reporting Act to allow victims of coerced debt to repair their credit reports.
I joined the rally both times and NO ONE coerced me to do so.
For example, even some persons who are legally mandated to receive treatment may not see themselves as coerced because they had already considered seeking help.
Police interrogate suspects in closed rooms without an attorney present, a practice that critics say leads to coerced confessions that have convicted the innocent.
Officers said the network trafficked the majority of women from Thailand and then coerced them to work as prostitutes.