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Finally, we estimated a series of multivariate logistic regression models of coerced sex following the sequence of variables in our conceptual model.
White's House Bill 1648, which came before the committee, would make it a crime to coerce or force women to have abortions, and create a 72-hour waiting period for women who indicate they are being coerced or forced.
16] Sexual behaviour measures (age at first foreplay, oral, anal and/or vaginal intercourse, age and gender of partner, coerced or voluntary) were collected from age 11 years at six subsequent time points (11-12 years, 13 years, 14 years, 15 years, 16 years and 17-18 years).
According to Gulf News, the underage Pakistani girl faced her parents and testified against them before the Dubai Court of First Instance about how they exploited her sexually and emotionally, and coerced her to have sex with strangers for money.
still that was coerced it' "I think she is coming to realise that she just wants to get home as quick as possible and this is the route she needs to take.
No employee in the fields should be coerced by their employers when it comes to deciding whether union representation is best for them," said Sylvia Torres Guillen, General Counsel of the ALRB.
The campaign features a teenage girl being coerced into sex by a boy as a party goes on downstairs.
But wasn't he simply acting like all of us who have been coerced into apologising for our errors in our younger days?
Treatment effectiveness for legally coerced clients versus voluntary methadone maintenance clients.
01 Table 2 Results of logistic regression analysis for coerced kissing and fondling Predictors B S.
There is even a debate among experts over whether the comfort women were coerced (into sexual slavery).