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If B chooses to coerce, then a typical conflict escalation sequence follows: A can concede or not, and B can decide whether to punish or escalate to war if A does not concede.
Assuming that A most prefers trading peacefully but would rather not risk economic losses if there will be conflict or, worse, war where trade will likely be interrupted, then A will opt to restrict trade if it believes that B is going to coerce.
Taiwan first chooses whether to trade or not, after which China decides whether to exploit the trade relationship and coerce Taiwan.
This, however, is a politics-first Taiwan's least preferred outcome, for, if it perceives that it is likely to be coerced by China, it would rather restrict trade (01) than have a politics-first China coerce and then punish it (05), but it would prefer to fight and lose on the political issue (05) than to acquiesce willingly when coerced (03).
In one, Taiwan will restrict trade only if it is politics-first; in the other, China will coerce only if it is politics-first.
If a politics-first Taiwan believes that China is unlikely to coerce, it will risk trading with China.