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Draft Article 18 is the most recent rubric for holding a coercing state indirectly responsible for an injurious act committed by a coerced state:
China will also become more willing to risk coercing Taiwan as its gains from winning on the political issue go up relative to its benefits from interdependence and as its costs to being rejected by Taiwan go down.
While these efforts can convey the increasing probability of more punishment to come should the target state fail to comply, if the target state does not fear the coercing state or if the target state cares more about the goals of its efforts than the coercing state, any amount of coercive diplomacy is bound to break down.
In three grimly titled books--The Tempting of America, Slouching Towards Gomorrah, and Coercing Virtue, his latest--Bork has made it his mission to place America at various way stations along the road to perdition.
The prisoner suffered from a medical condition knows as spasmodic torticollis himself with a regular razor without cutting himself, and the prisoner was disciplined for violating a regulation against coercing officers.
There can be no justification for coercing people perform work.
BOSTON -- A Worcester man was arraigned today in federal court on charges of using and coercing a minor to import and to sell crack cocaine, conspiracy to import and to sell crack cocaine, and illegal re- entry into the United States following deportation.
Each water drop deposited near the altered wafer's center experiences different surface tensions at its head and tail, resulting in a force coercing it toward the water-friendly edge.
In short, the bill recognizes the right of individual health-care workers to refuse to participate in any way in anything which is contrary to their religious or moral convictions; it prohibits health-care authorities from coercing workers in such matters; and it sets out penalties for such coercion.
Anyone coercing or exerting undue influence on a patient to request medication, or altering or forging a request for medication, is guilty of a Class A felony.
529 (telling defendant that if he "tells the truth" then police will "go to bat for him" or help with the State's attorney is coercing a confession).
The prospect of having to pay all damages as a consequence of joint and several liability, the high costs of defense and possible punitive damages are persuasive factors in coercing settlements.