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We have already enlisted coetaneous leishmaniasis as notifiable disease to record all patients and provide treatment to them subsequently,' said Dr Ayub.
The most comprehensive study of High Atlas anthropomorphs carried on by El Ezziani considers these figures to be slightly coetaneous to the last stages of frontal anthropomorphs (El Ezziani 2004a: 562), considering them local interpretations of the more numerous Libyan-Berber engravings that characterize the rest of areas of Morocco.
The alienated body-object, and colony emerge as coetaneous and akin in the new order in constant expansion.
The disease was mostly seen in birds of 6-12 months of age and disease was characterized by coetaneous lesions on the featherless skin and or diphtheritic lesion of mucous coats of the upper alimentary and respiratory tract.
However, a study by Guillot [40] used PPG to evaluate coetaneous microcirculation in 19 patients with leg ulcers, with the author concluding that the results obtained by this method were compatible with those of other techniques.
Rapid dose escalation is usually linked to the increased the risk of coetaneous side and dose escalation in our case was done as 25mg once daily for a week followed by 50mg once daily for a week and then it was increased to 50mg twice daily.
Coetaneous Equine Sarcoidosis in Equine Dermatology 52: 463.
In addition to the base *dbr, 'to say', which is also denominative from or coetaneous with the primary noun *dbr, 'word/thing', the base /dbr/, 'lead, guide' (DUL 263), appears to be attested, at least in ancient Aramaic (cf.
Erythema nodosum leprosum: Nature and extent of the coetaneous microvascular alterations, J Am Acad Dermatol 1986; 14:59-69.
In the case of coetaneous clades with trends occurring "simultaneously and in parallel," then each clade would show the same pattern and the Trends would be useless for inferring phylogeny at the level of the "dicots as a whole." Fractality is thus an element of the Baileyan scheme that has always been internally contradictory in practice.
Valle-Inclan, in Tirano, praises Father De las Casas--a coetaneous figure to Charles V--, and his Humanism is read more as an extension of the Medieval Scholasticism than as a result of the Renaissance Anthropocentrism.
Diagnosis of coetaneous diseases was made on history and clinical basis.