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Paleontological investigations of the Upper Permian-Lower Triassic sequence, presented above, show a remarkable similarity in faunal turnover patterns with coeval rocks of the Northern Indian Margin and the South China Block (Galfetti al.
Modality thus augments the exhausted possibilities of functional harmony and moves in a completely different direction than chromatic surface-layer elaborations of strong tonal progressions, common in much coeval German and Austrian music, and which occasionally may appear similar to the modal features in Faure.
The coeval strata of the Hangvar Formation in the southwest were previously described as Slite units a and b (for details see Jeppsson 2008).
King regrettably does not compare and contrast this sea change with Max Weber's celebrated view of the Protestant ethic's roughly coeval effect on the spirit of capitalism.
Through spoken performances, the Maya can assert distinct, yet coeval, voices.
Two samples from this unit were dated at the Centro National de Aceleradores; the first one (CNA-809) was a bone sample and provided a date ranging from 650 to 780 cal AD and therefore coeval to that obtained from the upper stratum.
Sandstone composition reveals differences among coeval sediments from India, Nepal, and other nearby wells of the Bengal Basin.
As to Mimica's argument in his essay that 'the world-historical trajectory is one and the same', I think it is critical to realize that in terms of Ferguson's decomposed axis of time we are all coeval (see Fabian 1983).
All Hat property drill holes passed through Late Triassic age Stuhini formation andesitic flows and tuffs and coeval iron-rich gabbroic intrusive rocks and all rocks, with the exception of a few apparently much younger dykes, are variably altered with development of chlorite, magnetite and, less frequently, biotite.
Relatively new disciplines, such as geo-engineering and nanotechnology, fields of study that promise transformative innovations and coeval ethical implications, are approached with maturity and nuance.