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It would have been interesting to see the author discuss the reasons for the radically different value and function attributed to poetry in Dream vis-a-vis The Scholars, considering that the two works were virtually coeval.
4) The unusual provinciality shown by the bivalve fauna has also been observed in the coeval Ammonite fauna of the Salt Range and the Surghar Range.
On a deeper level, Munro's positing of a supposed permanency of life in the "end times" of apocalypse, while starkly dramatizing the misery, super-exploitation, and ecological devastation that historical forces and economic interests both outside and within the region have imposed on Caribbean life in general and Haitian life in particular, tends to downplay if not occlude the coeval movements of creativity, counterhegemonic daily-life practices, and molecular self-organization in the face of devastation that could potentially provide a way out.
l), or the gentle simplicity of the coeval portrait of her friend Saxon Sydney-Turner at the piano.
This sirenia is obviously coeval (same age or date of origin) with the hosting rock, the St.
The original carbonate phase is assumed to have precipitated in equilibrium with its coeval seawater, in which case it would have incorporated elemental data and stable isotopes signatures from it.
Future studies could further advance Coburn's reflections by addressing, for instance, how questions of race and national identity shed light on the specificity of women's writing, vis a vis the production of coeval male writers.
The chapter details the victory at the naval battle of Lepanto, and looks at details of Marc Antonio Colonna's triumphal procession in Rome (through the eyes of coeval eyewitnesses).
This final stanza of a poem in protest of sumptuary laws generates stirring and precise insights for the reader: the exhortation "exhume our bodies" reveals, at the level of syntax, the extent to which those bodies are coeval with a "history of women, real and image.
Modality thus augments the exhausted possibilities of functional harmony and moves in a completely different direction than chromatic surface-layer elaborations of strong tonal progressions, common in much coeval German and Austrian music, and which occasionally may appear similar to the modal features in Faure.
The coeval strata of the Hangvar Formation in the southwest were previously described as Slite units a and b (for details see Jeppsson 2008).
King regrettably does not compare and contrast this sea change with Max Weber's celebrated view of the Protestant ethic's roughly coeval effect on the spirit of capitalism.