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If so, surely that also must have been coeval with God's existence, for wherever He was, was His abode
The region is underlain by sedimentary and mafic to felsic volcanic rocks with coeval intrusives, all of Archean age.
The coeval strata of the Hangvar Formation in the southwest were previously described as Slite units a and b (for details see Jeppsson 2008).
To recover the multiple frame against which this culture articulates its conceptions of knowledge, we read these fields as coeval but distinct.
By the same token, regardless of how they regard themselves, modern or of any other ilk, in terms of my orientation, all humans are coeval although I don't assume that other people take me as such within their umwelten and purviews.
Though coeval with the rise of red-meat empire-builders and of Fabian social workers, Beerbohm advocated no such strenuous world-saving.
Of course, not every digitally intelligent designer in the '90s was a pure spline-maker: Greg Lynn and Bernard Cache explicitly claimed to use calculus as a primary tool of design (the former introduced the now-legendary term blob to describe his sinuous shapes, exemplified by his Embryological Houses [1997-2001] and the almost coeval design for his Alessi tea and coffee set), whereas Frank Gehry, for example, used computers to scan, measure, notate, and build irregular, nongeometric three-dimensional shapes.
Cobbles and pebbles in the conglomerate are composed of mafic and felsic volcanic rocks, derived from underlying and coeval formations.
Rosenswig's main interest lies slightly later, at the rime when Olmec culture flourished on the Gulf Coast of Mexico at places like San Lorenzo (1250-900 BC) and then La Venta, and which (in the view of the cultura madre school of thought) spread across much of Mesoamerica by means of military, missionary or mercantile efforts (the opposing cultura hermana view is that Olmec was one of several coeval and interacting regional cultures [see Hammond 1989]).
Fisher Unwin, who in the aftermath of its success found it fashionable and profitable to publish many other South African authors--for example, her coeval, William Charles Scully.
Six samples were collected from the Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) Ocozocoautla Formation near Tuxtla Gutierrez, state of Chiapas, southern Mexico, to compare the ostracode species to samples previously collected in coeval deposits of Jamaica.