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The 354-345 Ma published ages illustrate that plutons of alkaline and often silica undersaturated composition in NE Poland intruded coevally with the ca 351 Ma alkaline dolerite sills in the Baltic Sedimentary Basin.
In 3 Henry VI, the speed with which falsity occurs intensifies coevally as the justification for breaking oaths grows less substantial and politic attitudes increase.
Coevally, the inherited cultural capitalist "European" dispositions, in Mary and Hemingway and in some of the influenced natives, help interpret Hemingway's final powerful alternative drift towards atavistic regression.
of Bremen stratigrapher Gunnar Heinsohn, Rose has unearthed evidence that the Middle Kingdom of Egypt coevally overlapped the New Kingdom and extended down to the time of Alexander the Great.
In the case of A Journey to London, McCormick argues (as he has done previously) that Vanbrugh was unable to complete the play for fear of its plot being identified with the marital negotiations of the Duke of Newcastle, in which he was coevally engaged.