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Given their close stratigraphic association, the Fourchu and Maina-Dieu groups are inferred to be different facies formed more or less coevally (Barr et al.
In order for determinacy to be posited rather than coevally given, however, determinacy must become mediated by something that underlies it as its determiner.
The latter figure, then, represents contiguity since both elements of the metonymy exist coevally on the same plane, but also displacement as meaning slides from one to the other.
For there can be no affirmation of an idiomatic subject, for example, a "German" subject, or a subject of "German romanticism," that is not exposed uncontrollably to the defile of the other, no "originary unity," to recall Schelling's phrase, that isn't haunted coevally by the possibility of translation and repetition, and thus by loss, difference, and distortion.
Like the subjects of anthropological fieldwork (a scientific discipline that developed coevally with regionalism's rise), native inhabitants possessed primitive qualities that made them worthy of study and left them in need of interpretation by outsiders" ("Nation, Region, and Empire" 252).