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It's not just because they were both great men, and not because they happen to be exact coevals.
Some of the painters I find most conspicuously absent are exact coevals of those selected.
Thus, for Cheadle and Smiley, Africans and African Americans cannot be anything but coevals.
While most stories of gay men of my time have stressed the terrors of accepting their nature, there are a few well-known coevals who, like me, appear to have accepted their homosexuality fairly easily.
It seems like every time a midlevel gallery makes a jump for the next echelon via a larger or smarter venue (like Maureen Paley Interim Art and Modern Art, to take two recent successful examples) a few of their previous coevals wither and die.
Always ahead of the literary process and his coevals, he boldly demonstrated through his own creative work how to free oneself from the fetters of socialist realism in spite of the ideological prescriptions established for the novel in the forties.
It is time now for Hollander's reputation and his place relative to his coevals and presumed peers to be assessed more precisely and perhaps more justly, as well as on a larger basis than that of the occasional volume of new poems.
They are all more or less coevals of Eleonora who have some story to tell, except Helena, Eleonora's daughter, and Todhauzen, who has been sent by his father to represent him at the wake.
He is going to school as his coevals but he does not have the luxury to forget his pencil at home because he does not have any classmate from whom he can ask for a pencil.
Like Manet, both of these painters seem to have absorbed the fundamental formal lessons of"Spanishness" in contrast to their compatriot and coeval, William Merritt Chase.