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The action proceeds as follows: A distinctive combination of species colonizes a region, coexists for a while, and departs in the face of massive environmental change.
With four or five nutrients in short supply, the fluctuations were chaotic, and still more species could coexist.
Though many honeybee populations along the Primorski region of Russia's Pacific coast have had a century to develop natural resistance to the varroa mite, bees who arrived there more recently show little ability to coexist with the parasite.
Shot mainly in the maze of Beijing streets, courtyards, and tenements, where neon signs and skyscrapers coexist with quaint, pre-industrial scenes, the film explores an underground milieu of creative, ambitious, yet alienated young people stuck with their families in cramped apartments while the rest of society looks on their malaise with disdain.
The proteins do more than just coexist with the crystals: They influence their shape and guide their direction of growth.
Traditionally these realms have stood for opposites that cancel one another out; in Puckette's paintings they coexist in exquisite tension.
While punk, with its faddishness, successfully shredded an enduring concept (for a half century's battering had not managed to destroy England's imperial self-image), Versace lets transience and perpetuity coexist. While we have for a hundred years expected (or demanded) that the fashion designer espouse novelty and the moment, Versace lets us choose the triumphant expression of a past more powerful than punk dismay, an ideal more sovereign, resourceful, and sensuous than one with a mean of iconoclastic change.
Though Netflix Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX) is the established player in the industry, Disney seems confident that if they can't beat them, they can at least coexist.
A study will determine whether the two projects can coexist, he said.
Organised by COEXIST to showcase and uplift innovative and sustainable products developed by local entrepreneurs, this year's festival is set to take place from 10 am to 10 pm on 20th July 2019 at Green Path.
We came from the same father and mother-Adam and Eve-and we need to coexist in a peaceful manner because we are all one under the eyes of the Lord.
They demonstrate how changes in technology and in the structure of international trade and finance have reshaped the landscape of international currencies so that several international financial standards can coexist. Multiple international and reserve currencies have in fact coexisted in the past, upending the traditional view of the British pound's dominance prior to 1945 and the US dollar's dominance more recently.