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Operation Coexist was founded and established in December 2012 by Katie Talbert.
We are determined to end our conflict with Israel and achieve peace through negotiations," said Abbas during a meeting with members of the Palestinian community in the Colombian capital Bogota, stressing that it is in Israel's best interest to recognize the Palestinian state and coexist with Palestinians to live side by side in security and stability.
The implications of watching a strain of Islam show that it cannot coexist with others extend well beyond the borders of Iraq.
The Coexist Foundation, founded by Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, is representing Muslims as one of the main sponsors of the "Three Faiths", in addition to other several organizations and personalities who are sponsoring the exhibition, each representing his religion.
They can coexist and they should coexist although sometimes people have an interest in making sure they do not.
Defend or dispute the following statement: Cheetahs and humans can coexist.
Fiery, leg extensions coexist with rippling torsos and voluptuous arm swings, while the devouring and rearranging of space remains a priority.
Having received the Gold Award in the 2004 Wood Awards, the scheme is an exemplary demonstration of how new and old can coexist, with timber being expertly used both structurally (fabricated by Constructional Timber) and for internal finishes.
Until now, scientists believed that the Neanderthals of Europe, who disappeared 33,000 years ago, were the last hominids to coexist with modern humans.
By this he means that certain beliefs of a particular religion are capable of reevaluating themselves to coexist with changing culture, without losing its truths.
The object is not so much to resolve competing impulses, but to create a space where they can coexist.
As a committed Christian and a man of science, Poteat lived in an era that forced him to find compatible ways for science and theology to coexist, which led him to some conclusions not readily accepted by many Baptists of his day.