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In addition, Coexist brand ambassadors will be visiting select university campuses across the nation to hand out Coexist backpacks with a catalog of the latest products available.
With a little caring, education and changing of habits, mankind and cougar should be able to coexist to the benefit of both species.
With four or five nutrients in short supply, the fluctuations were chaotic, and still more species could coexist.
4 GHz Wireless Medical Telemetry Service (WMTS) band, coexists with Philips digital telemetry systems, wireless bedside and transport monitors, and even a hospital's own WiFi systems.
Now that it appears there is a distinct possibility Charles Barkley will be neither forgotten nor gone, the question naturally arises as to whether or not he and the Phoenix Suns can coexist in peace.
Will they destroy each other in a mighty clash, leaving scant evidence for future investigators in remainder bins, or coexist, forming mighty branches on the best-seller lists?
E[acute accent]--Transcodes 12 out of 12 bandwidths and 3 out of 3 video protocols -- Bridges were tested to determine if they supported twelve bandwidths up to 2 Mbps which could coexist in the same conference without prior configuration and that any combination in a single conference improved connectivity and reliability.
Traditionally these realms have stood for opposites that cancel one another out; in Puckette's paintings they coexist in exquisite tension.
The evacuation order is consistent with the Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic's often-stated position that Serbs cannot coexist with Muslims and other ethnic groups in Bosnia's capital.
Both VoD and DVR will coexist as complementary options for digital TV customers," says Jonathan Doran, Yankee Group Broadband & Media Europe senior analyst.
Pure liquid water cannot coexist with ice much below -20oC at any pressure," he adds, "and friction does not increase suddenly in that range.
With the FDDI Gateway, both FDDI and Ethernet-based networks can coexist for temporary or permanent use.