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10-12 We found coexistent iron deficiency and beta thalassemia trait in 51% of our patients which means that these women required iron therapy despite being carriers of beta thalassemia.
The average D-dimer value was at least 2 times higher in patients with coexistent PE and pneumonia than in controls and this difference was significant based on paired i-test (mean difference 4.
1,3) Patients with coexistent adenocarcinoma may experience recurrence or distant metastasis, and more aggressive treatment may be indicated.
Katti TV, Athanikar VS, Ananthrao AS, Rathod CV, Cytodiagnosis of microfilarial lymphadenitis coexistent with metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in a left cervical lymph node: An unusual presentation.
The inter-objective complexity of this single meal is exposed as an event of coexistent becoming instead of a fully realized product of human intent, as our Starbucks latte aspires to be.
Double trouble: a case of von Recklinghausen's disease with coexistent lepromatous leprosy.
American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) Physical status I and II, and patients of both gender and ages between 18 and 50 years (because patient's age greater than 50 years might be having coexistent diseases) were included in the study.
However, knowledge of the plasma LDL-C, other coexistent risk factors, and presence of subclinical CAD will continue to govern the therapy of FH and PHC.
In this respect, her exploration has both epistemological and ontological implications: On the one hand, it has direct bearing on the ways in which we study international politics (especially the identity, roles, and agency of non-Western actors); and, on the other hand, it actively contributes to the explanation and understanding of global life as constituted by multiple, coexistent, and interrelated worlds.
In 2013, the patient was diagnosed in the dermatological department for fixed cheilitis of the upper lip coexistent with a fissured tongue (Fig.
So all these coexistent risk factors can be confounding, which can always make these skeptics argue about the independent contribution of elevated uric acid level in increasing the cardiovascular risk.
Compared to the control group, patients with NCWSS and multiple food sensitivity revealed significantly higher incidence of food allergy in the paediatric age group, and in the groups with coexistent atopic diseases, positive serum IgG anti-gliadin antibodies (AGAs) and IgG anti-betalactoglobulin antibodies, in vitro basophil activation, and eosinophil presence in the colon mucosa biopsies.