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postulate that surgical exploration of inguinal and scrotal regions has advantages over manual reduction because it can identify the dislocated testicle and treat coexistent injuries [4].
Gender ratios of the two groups were similar (p = 0.968), but the incidence of coexistent diseases in the older (versus younger) age group was significantly higher (p = 0.005) (Table 1).
To the best of our knowledge, the present case is possibly the sixth case of gastric carcinoma (and first such case with coexistent aplastic anemia) to be reported in patients with such bone marrow failure syndrome.
Coexistent iron deficiency was seen in 51% of beta thalassemia patients.
Coexistent hydatidiform mole and live fetus in the second trimester: an ultrasound study.
This case report emphasizes the importance of obtaining baseline testing of KRAS and BRAF mutations as it appears that the patients who have coexistent mutations tend to have aggressive course of illness as evident in this patient as she survived only 3 months from the time of diagnosis.
To the stability of unique homogeneous coexistent state ([u.sup.*.sub.1], [u.sup.*.sub.2], [v.sup.*.sub.1], [v.sup.*.sub.2], [w.sup.*]), when the chemotactic sensitivity coefficients ([[chi].sub.1], [[chi].sub.2]) are set to zero, the largest real part of the eigenvalues R([lambda]) < 0 for all the spatial wave number k, which implies diffusion, cannot drive instability.
Finalement, un quatrieme chapitre examine la situation a l'epoque contemporaine oo une fois de plus, plusieurs reactions coexistent comme l'humour, la resistance et la cache du nom, la grande question demeurant celle de la reparation.
Brown and colleagues (3) demonstrated that FLG loss-of-function mutations are strongly associated with IgE-mediated peanut allergy, an association that remained statistically significant in their study even after the investigators controlled for coexistent AD.
Squamous carcinoma coexistent with teratoma of ovary: A clinicopathological study of 12 cases diagnosed over a 10-year period at a tertiary cancer referral center.
It is through this plural breaking down of Levi's identity that each of the manifold and always coexistent faces of the author may be properly assessed.