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2] In a duplex kidney drained by double ureter, the lower moiety is more frequently affected compared to the upper pole due to coexisting complications since the lower moiety is dominant in most patients with renal duplex.
Moreover, there were a few sex differences in rates of coexisting autoimmune diseases.
Based on the survey, only a third (32%) of pediatricians were mostly or highly confident in identifying coexisting psychiatric conditions.
Phonologic processing disorder--or dyslexia--may account for 3%-5% of problems in school-age kids, many of whom may have coexisting ADHD problems.
Six patients had coexisting medical conditions or illnesses at enrollment or during followup: diabetes (2 patients), heart disease (2 patients), pulmonary tuberculosis (2 patients, including 1 with diabetes), and high blood pressure (1 patient).
We describe an atypical presentation of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in a geriatric patient with multiple coexisting conditions.
Among the possibilities: coexisting disease that promotes virus spread, a move virulent form of the virus or a greater susceptibility in certain women.