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Nothing in ILSA suggests that the description of the lot be coextensive with what is required for conveyance in the relevant jurisdiction.
Furthermore, a communication that satisfies all three requirements may still be denied Fifth Amendment protection if the information therein is a "foregone conclusion," or if the Government provides immunity from prosecution that is coextensive with the extent of the Amendment's protection.
It becomes obvious on reflection, then, that the truth of any autobiography can never be coextensive with its documentary accuracy.
Crockett describes the dilemma as follows: 'If Christianity is coextensive with the West, there is no possibility of rigorously separating philosophy and theology.
Courts also have found that the Trade Secrets Act, which makes it a criminal offense for federal employees to publish or divulge trade secrets and other confidential information, is at least coextensive with Exemption 4.
Taken together, these different yet coextensive cartographies enable us to grasp the complex modes of decipherment required for the Coen brothers' film, to negotiate two maps at once, both constituting the same space, but in different registers.
the founding of health institutions) were coextensive with broader political matters (e.
If a state operates separate individual and SHOP exchanges, the geographic areas covered by the exchanges must be coextensive.
The parties agree that the Act's restrictions on equitable relief are not necessarily coextensive with the substantive rules of antitrust law, and we reach our decision on that understanding.
The objective of this paper is to sort out the relationships between these distinctions by means of determining which of the distinguished types of change can be coextensive and which cannot, and which can overlap and which cannot.
T1: Identifies an active minor civil division (MCD) that is not coextensive with an incorporated place.