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Media illiteracy is usually coextensive with cultural naivete, and much of the work of media analyses has to do with criticizing our culture: the patriarchy, the consumerism, the militarism, the systematic deception of our government and the invisible rule of money.
Indeed, in Davis, the Supreme Court held that in enacting section ill Congress had drawn upon the constitutional doctrine: "[W]e conclude that the retention of immunity in [sections] 111 is coextensive with the prohibition against discriminatory taxes embodied in the modem constitutional doctrine of intergovernmental tax immunity.
The panel in at least one of said front and rear waist regions has a second dimension as measured in said waist-circumferential direction between said transversely opposite side edges of said panel; said first dimension is substantially equal to or longer than said second dimension; said base sheet has a region coextensive, in the waist-circumferential direction, with the working sections of said auxiliary elastic members, said region also extending between the inner ends of said bonding sites; when said auxiliary elastic members are in a non-stretched state and remain attached to said base sheet, said region of said base sheet has a third dimension in the waist-circumferential direction; and a ratio of the third dimension to the first dimension is in a range of 1.
He concludes by suggesting that epistemology should not be seen as coextensive with theory of knowledge.
As a result, the history of the reception and influence of Hardenberg-Novalis's works is to an unusual degree coextensive with the chequered history of editions which merely purported to be (but were not) adequate renditions of Novalis: Schriften.
She argues instead for understanding the poem in relation to the very different world view of its time and place, which she posits as coextensive with Senecan and Ciceronian Stoicism.
Thiemann correctly argues that the realm of the political is not coextensive with the public--a space which is also occupied by the diverse institutions and associations of civil society--but he fails to specify the proper distinction between them.
Of course, the sexual life of black women was by no means devoid of pain; in many cases, sex and pain were coextensive, as exemplified in accounts of rape and sex-related beatings.
At Portikus, in other words, a knowing critique of the way artists become living capital was coextensive with the feminist concerns evident in the pair's previous projects.