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When the demonstration is of the [phrase omitted]--and minor ([phrase omitted]) and major terms ([phrase omitted]) are coextensive -, there is a single middle term ([phrase omitted]) which not only is coextensive with the major, but also (and more importantly) explains all its instances.
A unique consequence of embodying images limited by the frame of the screen is apperceiving a coextensive world that extends beyond the frame edge.
In those studies, the stimulus correlated with [t.sup.[DELTA]] was coextensive in duration with the subcycle, whereas the stimulus correlated with [t.sup.D] could last the complete subcycle or could be turned off with the delivery of water.
First, though, a caveat: as 'post-modernism' is not simply coextensive with 'continental (European) philosophy,' neither is 'non-postmodernist thought' co-terminous with 'analytic (Anglo-American) philosophy.' Contemporary philosophy that is not beholden to the 'analytic-continental' dichotomy may not reach magazine pages but is thriving on both sides of the Atlantic.
* If a state operates separate individual and SHOP exchanges, the geographic areas covered by the exchanges must be coextensive.
"The parties agree that the Act's restrictions on equitable relief are not necessarily coextensive with the substantive rules of antitrust law, and we reach our decision on that understanding."
This is a reasonable starting point and shows that the terms "civilian" and "noncombatant" should not be treated as coextensive. Even international law allows that civilians taking an active part in hostilities are not entitled to noncombatant immunity.
The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers entered Canada in 1865, less than two years after its founding in Detroit, so that the history of the brotherhoods on Canadian railways was almost coextensive with the American.
As a result, her interests were "for all practical purposes, coextensive with those of the estate: her interests are aligned with the estate, not against it." (29)
The sole Federalist to support Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase and his 1807 Embargo Act, Adams warned of the consequences of Federalist/British collusion: "Instead of a nation, coextensive with the North American continent, destined by God and nature to be the most populous and most powerful people ever combined under one social compact, we shall have an endless multitude of little insignificant clans and tribes at eternal war with one another for a rock or a fish pond, the sport and fable of European masters and oppressors." Fearing European encroachment in the Western hemisphere and Russian designs on the Oregon Territory, Adams supported Florida's annexation along with acquisition of the Oregon Territory from Spain, and he authored the Monroe Doctrine.
Unlike Europe today, medieval Europe knew pretty much what its boundaries were; it was basically coextensive with what had been the Western or Latin part of the Roman Empire.