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The only major difference between the application of the D'Oench Duhme doctrine in Florida and the application of the D'Oench Duhme doctrine in most other jurisdictions is that the 11th Circuit follows the minority view that the common law D'Oench Duhme doctrine continues to exist coextensively with [section] 1823(e), O'Melveny notwithstanding.
214) Implied preemption arises when a federal law is silent or ambiguous, or when there is doubt as to whether state and federal regulation may operate coextensively.
As someone has said, consciousness holds at its center a "static eternity," a supersensible core, but also coextensively a sensible material substantiality.
Jeanneret considers scientific observation and literary expression coextensively.
Although Alces and See argue the distinctiveness of commercial code issues, I argue that only when courts and practitioners consider these "internal" policing doctrines coextensively with commercial code-based contracting rules can they confidently view the entire transactional landscape and coherently resolve transactional disputes.
Woolf represents coextensively the Ramsays' epistemological and economic distance from the lighthouse and the lighthouse keeper's family, or Mr.
As to the Fifth Amendment, the Court has generally interpreted both equal protection and substantive due process principles to apply coextensively across federal and state regimes, (151) meaning that any attempt to strike down DOMA as a standalone violation of the equal protection or substantive due process components of the Due Process Clause (or even those two protections in combination) would have carried direct implications for analogous state-law issues, including those related to the validity of state-level same-sex marriage bans.
Clearly, the line may not be drawn coextensively with the outer parameters of federal power to enact criminal laws.
Thus Andrew's desire to free himself emerges coextensively with his desire to free his family and, more generally, with his vision of diasporic communal freedom.
2004) ("The [Rooker-Feldman] doctrine is generally applied coextensively with principles of res judicata (claim preclusion) and collateral estoppel (issue preclusion).