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Author caricatures are available on notecards, tote bags, mousepads and coffee mugs from Literary Luminaries.
One nonprofit that uses many premiums in direct mail packages that's currently testing the up-front, personalized coffee mug acquisition premium is St.
The imprinted advertising specialties included a coffee mug coaster, a coffee mug, a pen-sized personal flashlight, and a Magic 8 puzzle, which fit into Hoechst Celanese's 1991 "Solutions" theme.
In addition to sending the coffee mugs, NEW staff members assembled small packages that included hand sanitizers and mints and the packages were shipped out.
HOW TO CLAIM SIMPLY cut out the voucher, left, and take it to your nearest participating Burger King' restaurant to redeem one FREE Burger King' coffee mug and one regular coffee of your choice.
Washington, Mar 3 ( ANI ): President Barack Obama switched to Facebook's new Timeline feature on Thursday, and one of the images it included was his birth certificate on the Obama campaign's "Made in the USA" coffee mug.
Meanwhile, the pleasures offered by ``The Office'' tend to be more subtle and more wince-inducing, with Michael Scott (Steve Carell) continuing his reign (despite what his coffee mug may say) as World's Most Clueless Boss.
As a matter of fact, springing for a reusable coffee mug can actually end up saving you money down the road as large coffeehouse chains join smaller cafes and university food services across the country that offer discounts to customers toting their own drinking vessels.
Armed with a laptop, coffee mug and thick glasses, he is the superhero for the computer generation.
And Churchill China's Choices dinnerware offers up a coffee mug solution with an indent in the dessert plate for its placement.
Using either plain, regular-size M&Ms or smaller versions known as minis, the scientists tested how efficiently the candies pack when poured into a square box roughly the size of a coffee mug or into a spherical flask up to 5 liters in volume.
Scientists are looking for Britain's most stomach-churning unwashed coffee mug in a contest to mark the discovery of penicillin 75 years ago today.