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While remaining respectful of the home's ``good bones,'' Bevan removed a rear staircase to create more room in the kitchen and coffered the ceiling, which adds a dimensional effect.
Contract notice: Supply, Installation And Commissioning Compactors Compaction + Coffered For High-Provence Sydevom
The $200,000 renovation--carried out by JAB Associates--features 10-foot coffered ceilings, mosaic tiles, wooden crown moldings, brushed stainless steel wall sconces, cove lighting, mirrors framed in cherry wood and vanities topped with Bianco Verde marble from India.
While plans were being developed for the lobby work, ownership discovered the dramatic original ceiling, featuring a barrel vault of plaster coffered panels with decorative rosettes and moldings, hidden five feet above mundane flat sheet rock that had been installed in a 1970s "renovation.
Recognizing the historical significance and aesthetic qualities of the original ceiling, which featured a barrel vault of plaster coffered panels with decorative rosettes, the architects and the landlord decided to restore the original design to the soon-to-be renovated lobby.