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The blade was red, for the blood had become rust; after a momentary examination during which the queen became as white as the cloth which covered the altar on which she was leaning, he put it back into the coffer with an involuntary shudder.
Do you think," she said, with a ghastly smile, "that I shall be inclined to reopen this coffer to answer any future accusations?
Sir," replied the queen, closing the coffer and leaning her hand upon it, "if there is anything to be said, it is that I have always been ungrateful to the brave men who saved me -- that I have given nothing to that gallant officer, D'Artagnan, you were speaking of just now, but my hand to kiss and this diamond.
Last year the National Lottery pumped EUR275million back into the State coffers to help plug the huge hole in the public finances.
Faced with a EUR6billion shortfall in taxes, Brian Lenihan is planning to hit the "old reliables" in a bid to fill empty state coffers.
The tax hike, which has yet to make the November ballot, would add an estimated $325 million to law enforcement coffers, of which $195 million would be funneled to the county's 88 cities and unincorporated areas.
Lenders have opened their coffers to hotels, giving hospitality investors the opportunity to benefit from historically low interest rates.
Throughout the day coffers are seen in relief, set within a constant array of shadows that appear static when passed by the dynamic shaft of sunlight that tracks the sun.
Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) is under the microscope following allegations that Mexico's state-run petroleum company, in conjunction with the oil workers union, funneled some US$100 million in union funds into PRI political party coffers during the 2000 presidential campaign.
The Jewish organizations "have done everything to ensure that the looted funds and Jewish property will end up in their coffers, instead of going to the legal heirs," Kleiner insists.
The two senior vice foreign ministers and three parliamentary foreign secretaries, who are not allowed to repay money to state coffers under the law, will each donate the money to groups of their choice in ways that will not violate legislation, Sugiura said.
Bush has promised to pour billions in federal funds into the coffers of religious groups to perform social services if he is elected.