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For example, under Clausewitz's concept, determining the Iraqi COG during the Gulf War would have been unnecessary since it was a limited war--not one aimed at regime removal.
During most of the last two years, however, COG focused on public safety and security.
As robots like Cog become more and more complex, their capabilities will expand rapidly into the work-a-day world, and certainly not as "pincers" awkwardly controlled by human hands, but rather as independently functioning units controlled by their own programming.
Breazeal took a spare Cog head and reengineered it, lengthening the neck, adding a jaw.
The limits of stability, therefore, are a two-dimensional quantity defining the maximum possible COG sway angle beyond which a fall occurs.
My definition is divorced from Clausewitz and uses the doctrinal intent of the COG tool as the primary source.
Because the needs of every business are different, our clients have the option of utilizing COG for specialized consulting services or contract us for their mainstay day-to-day back office operations.
press conference broadcast to the nation by C-SPAN, a COG panel issued a report and kicked off the current push for constitutional "reform.
The Contractor Shall Provide Cog With The Complete (Not Partial) Version Specifications And Quantities Of The Required Equipment Identified Below.
military's application of COG in current planning doctrine.
In the return to work formula signed on October 5, last year county governments agreed to sign a recognition agreement within 60 days and start negotiations for a CBA,' CoG chief executive officer Jacqueline Mogeni said in a message to the governors last week.