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Sachs states cogently that official assistance by the industrialized countries is crucial for making genuine and lasting economic development a reality for the roughly one in six human beings living on less than $1 a day.
The China article ("Relationships on the Ground are Key to Winning China Strategies") is spot on, giving a real-world perspective that I've not seen presented as cogently.
Within this framework, Professors O'Keefe and Reno cogently argue for the importance of this analytic framework and structure in understanding the emergence of what was to become Christian theological orthodoxy.
But it was a welcome and cogently articulated broadside--against Modernism (the aridity of abstraction), Post Modernism (the good society replaced by the good life) and the current preoccupation with spectacle and meaningless computer generated form-making.
Arlene's emotional roller coaster, too, is cogently handled.
McLaren argues quite cogently that, by the end of I Wonder as I Wander, Hughes the journalist and professional writer has become "a citizen of the world and knowledgeable in global politics" and thus is ready to "return home to Harlem to answer through writing his era's questions of identity, race, and culture, which had their parallels in the places he had traversed.
Jurors are accustomed to watching a medium that presents stories cogently and in order.
Ulinka Rublack continues the theme of turmoil by analyzing a case of infanticide which turned into a four-month local upheaval, cogently relating it to the wider historical concept of state formation and sexual morality.
And there weren't more than a handful of sportswriters who could write cogently about it.
The importance of Lacan's work is cogently described.
Bittlingmayer cogently argues that antitrust is corrupted by special interests, was never a legitimate response to "textbook monopoly," and that the empirical case for antitrust "remains weak.
In addition, it cannot be argued cogently that M was in constructive receipt of the assets represented by the transaction.