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Its motto Haec Cogitate means: "Think on these things.
But still they cogitate and digest the menu, peruse the specials board and ruminate on the wonders of "fancy" ingredients like tarragon and things done "four ways" - when the only way we really know of is burned.
When asked by the committee if he'd determined any additional amendments lawmakers should consider to SB 7, he said he would like "to cogitate on some of that for awhile and come up with the right language and work with stakeholders to make sure we get it right.
As part of our annual feature (on page 40), we asked a number of industry insiders of all different stripes to cogitate and postulate.
They cogitate, deliberate and finally announce their decision on the Thursday.
The hotel's top-class restaurant, its terrace and its stunning river rooms offer guests ample opportunity to see this famous land and riverscape and cogitate upon just what this permanent fuss is all about.
I conjugate and cogitate, while scoffing down a sandwich and sipping their great, local unfiltered vin blanc.
As you cogitate on your New Year's resolutions, loosening up more can certainly feature.
On that final day, I will sit on my favorite ledge to cogitate on the status of the physician, always the peer of priests, judges and scholars.
Would one rather cogitate over the nuances of the killer adjective, or head off to the latest cocktail party?
At the far end, there is a small shelter with a bench where Darwin could sit and relax and cogitate.
When I was working on the Supplement, Charley Mann, whom I had met through the Goldwaters, would promise to cogitate my questions, but he didn't always get back to me.