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He's very very cogitate making Michael on Ed Michael Bolingbroke, who worked alongside Woodward as the club's chief operating officer for seven years, feels his former colleague has 'proved his doubters wrong' when it comes to United's dealings in the transfer market after the signings of Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku et al.
A month allowed him to cogitate, reflect, and listen to what his fellow travelers had to say.
He'd tilt his cap back on his head, eyeball me, and cogitate for a moment before he'd speak.
If the answer is even a tiny bit "I don't know" then you need to cogitate on the subject for a spell.
The movie isn't perfect, but just when you're about to dismiss it for its off-putting shrillness and repetitive moments, it introduces a perverted twist that will make viewers cogitate.
His Highness lauded the harmonious display of various artistic tastes which supports modern artistic of modernism and development which provides huge opportunity to enjoy and cogitate such high sense of creativity and excellence.
Now let us cogitate on the aftermath of such events.
With John and Gregg left behind to deliberate, cogitate and digest (and for me to regret) our celebs' meaty offerings, the not-so-famous five ventured into a professional kitchen where, without explanajust tion, they referred to the chef as "chef " rather than by his actual name.
Ypsilanti, MI, January 14, 2014 --( Cogitate Inc.
Its motto Haec Cogitate means: "Think on these things." Bursar Tim Brand said yesterday: "The governors are dealing with the matter.
As you cogitate on your New Year's resolutions, loosening up more can certainly feature.
In the meantime, I had about a full week to cogitate on the matter, to think about where we were and to decide what the next steps might be.