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We cogitated and deliberated, in the style of another cookery programme, and decided in the end to award the top prize to a Bakewell Tart.
The new management and its formation will be cogitated among the companies to decide on the appropriate leadership that would propel the new entity.
In 1990 he became the face of BBC's MasterChef and, together with guest chefs, "deliberated, cogitated and digested" the contestants' offerings for ten years.
Being an only child, though, someone who's doted on with the kind of interest I'd usually assign to pizza toppings, my every move has been digested, cogitated and talked about, as if everything I've ever done and am about to do is like taking new baby steps into the great unknown.
Gregg Wallace and John Torode are back, and despite some awkward pauses while they deliberated, cogitated and digested (to use the phrase of former host Lloyd Grossman), it appears that this episode was the last of the auditions, and next week we go back to normal.