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As Jim Callaghan cogitated lengthily over whether or not to reform other parts of company law, and the pre-SDP Liberals hedged their bets over an early election, the Winter of Discontent arrived and the prospect of industrial democracy sunk down the agenda (Sandbrook, 2012).
Again while translating Monsieur Songe: "I'd spent days--well in a manner of speaking--over your and Pinget's explanations, and the more I cogitated, the less I arrived at any decisions.
Being an only child, though, someone who's doted on with the kind of interest I'd usually assign to pizza toppings, my every move has been digested, cogitated and talked about, as if everything I've ever done and am about to do is like taking new baby steps into the great unknown.
Gregg Wallace and John Torode are back, and despite some awkward pauses while they deliberated, cogitated and digested (to use the phrase of former host Lloyd Grossman), it appears that this episode was the last of the auditions, and next week we go back to normal.
Speakers, including many political leaders and thinkers (not necessarily academics but writers, commentators, analysts) were usually outstanding public speakers who had cogitated deeply on their topics and spent days, if not months, fine-tuning their addresses.
Fair play, Masterchef has come a long way from the days when Loyd Grossman cogitated, deliberated and occasionally regurgitated on a Sunday afternoon in a dimly lit studio.
Despite cogitating (Loyd Grossman taught me that word on Masterchef several years ago - "we've deliberated, cogitated and digested.
Celebrity chef Paul Heathcote has cogitated over the emotive issue of hospital food to design a menu of cordon bleu meals for BMI Priory Hospital, in Edgbaston.