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He may soon be required to start cogitating on more ideas.
Snapshots from World War II: While Mao was cogitating about his takeover plans in 1948, Clyde A.
Cogitating over a challenge or opportunity makes my
When I wasn't cogitating over the potential of that funny little edge of the distal tibia being a fracture, I was reading.
That's certainly been his modus operandi throughout his tenure so far and in any case he's probably cogitating more about Fernando Forestieri, Ross Wallace or Aiden McGeady than he is about Nuhui.
But cogitating further has given me reason to think that there is a deeper physiological motivation causing impromptu littering.
Comprehensive programme notes were splendid, but unreadable during the action thus creating much cogitating whenever possible.
HAV A ING voted in the euro elections I was cogitating on the way home.
In the warmer months, I always left the door partially open while cogitating.
After much cogitating on the subject, she decided that it seemed that one could reinvent oneself in this new mysterious, musky world she was invading -- and who that new self was, people did not question.
I believe that any literate person in the Catholic world, or interested in that world, would profit from reading and cogitating upon Professor Topping's work which educates, enriches and, on occasion, entertains, in a manner which is at the service of the intersecting goals both of the Year of Faith and the New Evangelization.
Citizens and politicians cogitating about how to strengthen and restore the conditions for self-government in our democracy will find in this book some excellent examples of how to think and talk about that important endeavor.