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COGNATION, civil law. Signifies generally the kindred which exists between two persons who are united by ties of blood or family, or both.
     2. Cognation is of three kinds: natural, civil, or mixed. Natural cognation is that which is alone formed by ties of blood; such is the kindred of those who owe their origin to an illicit connexion, either in relation to their ascendants or collaterals.
     3. Civil cognation is that which proceeds alone from the ties of families as the kindred between the adopted father and the adopted child.
     4. Mixed cognation is that which unites at the same time the ties of blood and family, as that which exists between brothers, the issue of the same lawful marriage. 6; Dig. 38, 10.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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To avoid weakening his own matriclan by siphoning off its wealth and titles, the father bequeaths obliquely, to his sister's son, born into the clan where the father grew up and where his emotional ties, his kin-solidarities and family loyalties, still reside.(61) In this kind of kinship system (graphed in Figure 2), where neither patriliny nor cognation nor primogeniture prevail, the bond between maternal uncle and uterine nephew eclipses the bond between father and son.
Due to the obvious onomotopoeia, this term is not good evidence for cognation.
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(15.) While Sutton (2003:219) discusses the reasons for the shift to cognation that characterizes Aboriginal kinship in much of settled Australia, he does not relate cognation to Aboriginal perceptions of continuity and discontinuity and the tendency to represent practice on the principle: 'is now, always has been'.
It is to be hoped that the technical nature of this fine volume will not prevent it from reaching the broad readership it deserves and that it will succeed in stimulating future research on and analysis of cognation and social organization not only in Southeast Asia but also in other regions.
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